Travolta as Forest Gump: 10 Actors Who Were Originally Cast (But Didn’t Get the Part)

Everyone has once wondered if the lead roles of their favorite movie or television series were switched. How might it have changed the outcome of the entire production, or would it still be fun? Read this article to discover the hits.

1. John Travolta in Forrest Gump

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The beloved and clueless Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, was a close tie, and John Travolta almost had it. As luck would have it, both actors saved their careers by getting significant roles. Travolta declined Forrest Gump and played Vincent in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Let's just say the chips fell where they should have, and Tom Hanks won an Academy Award.

2. Sandra Bullock in Million Dollar Baby

Sandra Bullock.
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While Sandra Bullock pushed herself to become Maggie in Clint Eastwood's film, it did not happen for her. Hilary Swank was cast and did wonderfully as the hot-headed boxer struggling to follow her passion. The outcomes of the movie in which Bullock has been cast are still a matter of debate among film enthusiasts.

3. Eminem in Fury Road

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Though Tom Hardy was eventually cast as the rugged road master survivalist, Mad Max almost went to Eminem. This can be shocking for some people to hear, but George Miller, the director, was highly fascinated by Eminem playing the role. The role went to Hardy because the experience between the actors and the role's intensity was paramount to the film's success.

4. Hugh Jackman in Casino Royale

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While there is no doubt that Daniel Craig was the most successful Bond, Hugh Jackman was in consideration for 007. During the time of casting, the production team was under heavy pressure from the entire world. Yet the very little-known Craig at the time made the final cut, leaving Jackman behind. Luckily, Jackman continued with the X-men franchise and stayed dedicated to his character Logan.

5. Emily Blunt in MCU

Emily Blunt.
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Blunt was the first person considered for the Russian-born Avenger, Black Widow, but declined. She had the role lined up at Marvel when she caught herself too busy, and the part went to Scarlett Johannson. Later, Emily regretted her decision, but it is safe to say that Scarlett deserved the role.

6. Al Pacino in Star Wars

Al Pacino.
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A purely classical actor as Al Pacino faced with playing a smuggler, Han Solo did not sit well. According to Al Pacino, he was offered the part but couldn't understand the script and declined. His A-list reputation had him busy, and movies were coming in from all sides. He went to The Godfather and made his name in the industry, and Harrison Ford was chosen instead to play Han Solo.

7. Russell Crowe in Lord of the Rings

Russell Crowe.
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Crowe was presented with the role of Aragorn, but Viggo Mortensen perfected the part. The trilogy was massively successful, and later, Crowe mentioned that the right choices were made and he was the first choice for Aragorn. Yet he also mentioned that the Lord of the Rings film director was not interested in him.

8. Emilia Clark in Fifty Shades of Grey

Emilia Clark.
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Clark was presented with the spicy role of Anastasia Steele on a silver platter, but she was not interested. Her fears of becoming an erotic enigma led her to refuse the role, and consequently, Dakota Johnson secured the front row. It was just too much for Emilia, and she refused nudity after her time in Game of Thrones.

9. Britney Spears in the Notebook

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It was a well-known fact that the director of The Notebook had plans to cast Britney as Allie. He was astonished by Britney's performance and had set his mind until he saw Rachel McAdams, to whom the role eventually went. Britney later revealed that she was saved from the acting industry and that he had chosen wisely.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio in American Psycho

Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Due to unknown reasons, DiCaprio rejected playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. The movie was a big hit with Bale's performance and astonishing persona; the psycho could have easily been DiCaprio's part. The movie's violent nature and DiCaprio's career as a household darling might have to do something with the outcome.

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