10 Amazing Apps To Try Out Today

Thousands of apps seek our attention in today's digital age by claiming to improve our lives. However, hidden jewels often remain unnoticed because they are outnumbered by well-known competitors in the immense sea of applications. I'll now look at some outstanding apps that need more attention.

Get ready to explore a brand-new space of software applications that have been quietly transforming the digital landscape and are just waiting for consumers looking for something extraordinary to take advantage of them.

1. Forest

Bonsai Tree being trimmed
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Forest is an app designed especially for those struggling to stay focused and easily distracted. This app helps you stay focused in your daily life by turning your productivity into a game. You plant a virtual seed in this game that grows into a whole tree as far as you stay on the app. If somehow you exit the app, the tree dies. This app lets you stay on the app and motivates you to remain in the app and avoid any distractions.

2. Sleep Cycle

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A night of solid sleep is one of the critical factors in anyone's life if you want to stay healthy, motivated, and productive. This app is designed in a way that analyzes your sleep patterns and immediately wakes you up at your lightest sleep phase. This intelligent alarm clock app detects your movements when you are asleep with the help of a microphone and accelerometer on your phone and helps you always wake up feeling refreshed. 

3. Pocket

Woman with laptop looking at phone
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We come across many exciting stuff online that we don't have time to read or watch. Pocket is a simple app that lets you do that. Suppose you see something interesting on your phone and want to save it to watch it later; you can directly save it to your pocket app in a few clicks. The good news is you can access the app while you are offline. You can read articles or watch videos you saved earlier. Pocket helps you never miss out on important information. 

4. Libby

Woman reading book outside
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This app is a treat for book lovers. This app lets you connect with your local library, and by doing so, you can easily access thousands of audiobooks and e-books. With Libby, browsing is easy; all you have to do is search for the title of the book you are looking for and enjoy them directly on your phone. You can also adjust the fonts as well as background colors. This app also allows you to use it in night mode. It's hard to carry physical books all the time. Using this app, you can access your favorite stories or novels all the time. 

5. Wolfram Alpha

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

Sometimes we get stuck in complex math problems, or we can't find a piece of detailed scientific information. That's where wolfram alpha comes in; you can search for any topic you can't find information on easily on this app and get detailed results. Wolfram Alpha provides you with an expert-level knowledge engine and solutions to all of your queries. From understanding complex scientific concepts to solving mathematical equations or exploring historical events, this app can help you do everything in seconds. 

6. IFTTT (If This Then That)

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

With If This Than That, the possibilities are endless. With this, you can create a solid connection between different kinds of apps or devices. This app helps you to automate several tasks; you can set up various applets to trigger actions based on specific conditions. Let's say you want to receive a notification whenever it's going to rain. That can be done now with IFTTT, there are many other tasks you can set up, and the app will make your life easier. 

7. Elevate

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

Mental health is a global issue now. Millions of people are suffering from it, and because of that, they can't concentrate or put their efforts into their work. Elevate is an interesting app that lets you sharpen your cognitive skills as well as it helps you improve your mental state. This app uses different games to increase your memory, improve your focus, enhance your math skills, and much more. 

8. Pocket Casts

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

Podcasts are pretty popular nowadays, and everyone has some favorite podcasts they listen to daily. If you are a podcast enthusiast, pocket cast is the perfect app for you. It keeps track of your favorite podcasts and lets you enjoy them whenever you feel like. Pocket casts also allow you to change playback speed and features like episode trimming, and creating a custom playlist of your own is also possible. 

9. Todoist

Young woman looking at phone while using laptop.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Todoist is the short form of the to-do list. Todoist is a feature-rich task manager app with a simple yet intuitive interface. If you love to stay organized and always on top of your to-do list, this app is for you. You can easily create numerous tasks, even set due dates and priorities, or add comments and labels. This app also lets you collaborate with others on a similar project.

10. Photomath

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

“Math” is a subject very few people like. We have all heard that “Match can be fun” but never experienced it. Photomath is an interesting app that can make math fun. You cannot solve a math problem, and it's getting on your nerves. What If I told you that you could use your mobile camera to solve the problem just by scanning it? Photomath does the same thing. It is a perfect tool for students who need help solving complex math problems without getting frustrated by it. 

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