10 Foods That You Might Find Super Delicious

Some foods got hyped, but they are not actually good. And some food remains underrated, but they are super delicious. People shared their views on the topic on an online platform.

1. Boiled Broccoli

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In some areas, broccoli is not taken as the Vegetable. And where it is, the only simple recipe for broccoli is to boil it. Simple boiled broccoli tastes like hell, one commentator shared. It can enhance flavor by frying oil and adding garlic, salt, and black pepper. It can be baked in an oven with some oil and potato.

2. Pineapple Pizza

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Pineapple pizza may sound weird. But it has a delicious and unique taste. This pizza originated in Canada. And it is called Hawaiian pizza. People refuse to give it a try because of the combination. But people who have tried this are the real fan of this pizza.

3. Maple Syrup on a Turd

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Turd or turducken is also called three-bird roasted meat. In this dish, boneless chicken is filled into the boneless duck. And further, it is filled into the boneless turkey. This dish is delicious as it is. But when maple syrup is dripped on it. It enhanced its taste two times. This dish is very famous in Canada and US. But only a few people know the secret of maple syrup.

4. Spam

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One participant stated that spam is more quality food than people think it is. Spam is considered unhealthy food. It is made up of ham, meat, and pork. In addition to this, water starch potato and sugar are also used in its manufacturing. But suppose it is used in different foods. It can have no side effects, such as jalapeno potato fried spam and jalapeno spam grilled cheese. It can be used in burgers.

5. MSG

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MSG (Monosodium glutamate) is a type of salt. It is Japan Origin salt. Its first and common name was Ajinamoto. It is a common myth that this salt is not healthy. This can cause health issues because it has a high concentration of sodium. A lot of restaurants have announced cutting this salt from their menu. But in reality, this salt is not that much harmful. It enhances the taste of simple food. In low quantities, it can be used.

6. Cantaloupe

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Cantaloupe is a type of melons. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Its color is dark orange. And it has all characteristics of other melons. One gourmet man stated that this melon even tastes better than other melons. All different melon types, such as yellow and watermelon, are preferred compared to cantaloupe because people do not recognize it. 

7. White Chocolate

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People of all ages love chocolate. Dark chocolate is trendy. Waffles or biscuits are coated with dark chocolate. But white chocolate is equally delicious. One commentator said he wonders why people do not choose white chocolate as a delicious sweet.

8. Cabbage

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Cabbage is a significantly underestimated vegetable. Some people argue that cabbage smells terrible when it is present in any dish. But this is not a reality. Its smells depend on the way it is used. Cabbage is used in diet foods because it provides good digestion and is low in cholesterol. 

9. Coleslaw

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Coleslaw is a type of salad. It is made up of fine-chopped cabbage and carrot. For dressing, mayonnaise and thick cream are used. Salt, black pepper, and onion paste are also used in it. All these combinations provide a delicious taste. One fan of this salad stated that he wonders why this salad is not available in salad bars.

10. Durian 

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Durian is a fruit of green color outside and yellow color inside. One participant stated that people do overreact to its smell. Even some countries banned this fruit due to its smell. The taste of this fruit is so much delicious that its smell can be ignored. It tastes like vanilla and caramel. And some say it is like cheesecake.

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