Cops Don’t Serve Or Protect: 10 Big Lies People Have Fallen For

From childhood to old age, we are told many lies that we can't even think of but believe. Misconceptions and false narratives are always there, which have fooled us for many years. We fall for most harmless daily life myths after listening to them from childhood. Let's look at those lies which make us unaware of truths. 

1. Employees as a Family

Group of women having a meeting.
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On joining some company, we've always heard that we treat our employees as family, and employee concerns are our priority, but they are only talks to grab a potential employee. An employee says I wonder if they treat their family like this. Another person adds that his company also made claims, but he was fired within one month only for asking for a few leaves. 

2. No More Lies

Man and woman at coffee shop. Man thinks woman is lying.
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After every fight with our friends, partners, or close ones, we heard only one claim: I would never lie again, but guess what? It is just another lie. Most of us fell for it and hoped for it, but that didn't happen. An interesting person calls this falling for lies, hope, and rebellion against such lies. 

3. A Mile in Thunder 

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From childhood, we have been studying in physics that there is a mile distance between thunder and lightning each second and believing it blindly until we get the reality check. A user says that I was confused about it, considering the speed of light. Another person adds that his life was nothing but lies all this time if this is true. 

4. Fish Scared of Voice

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This is the most ridiculous lie we have been told since childhood. Fishes could be scared and pass away, so it is better to shut up near them. Isn't that strange? A person adds that it was a trick by our grandparents to keep us quiet and silent for a few minutes. Although some fish have these loud noise issues, they are not common. 

5. College, a Guarantee for Success

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Most people believed it when parents told us that going to college would help us get a good job, but it was only a parenting hack to convince us to college because college suffering doesn't end there. A user says this college degree doesn't guarantee anything; you must study further to prove your ability and get a good job. 

6. Cops Solve Cases/Serve and Protect

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After watching a series of crime shows, most people believe that cops solve the cases and serve/protect the sufferers, which is another childhood lie we have fallen for. A person says that, in reality, cops want to close the cases ASAP to get their rewards, which is a question on the system,  and no doubt exceptions are always there. 

7. Love for the Real Self

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People make many claims and promises in love, and partners blindly believe it. We hear that one partner loves us the way we are and doesn't want any changes, which is a big honey lie for which we have fallen. A person adds that after saying this, the partners want to completely change their habits and routines, which is ironic.

8. American Dream With Hard-work

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A lie instilled in us that we can own the American dream if we work hard and no one can take it from us, and guess what? We believed it until we matured. A person says that working hard does help a lot in achieving it, but that's not the only requirement; it does have a lot of other things in this loop. 

9. A Real Man With Suppressed Emotions

Man Crying
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Society does set criteria, sometimes, to be a real man, and one of them is that if you are suppressing your emotions, you are a real man. Most of us have been trained like this since childhood, which only affects our mental health. A person angrily shares that his life would be easier with an open heart if he was not trained on this dark lie. 

10. Good People Wins

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Another lie we have been trusting since childhood is that good people, in the end, get good rewards, and they win, which is not true when we see the reality around us. A person adds that it is only a fairytale, nothing else, and doesn't have any connection with reality. We have seen many bad people making progress and getting wins while the good ones suffer. 

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