10 Unusual Obsessions That Defy Logic

At times, people scattered across the globe develop and exhibit unusual personality traits, behaviors, and actions that factually drive you into a mind-boggling state. These weirdest infatuations include eating nonfood items, collecting bizarre stuff, and performing ritual actions that leave you jaw-dropping. People encounter these behaviors because of intrinsic emotional, mental, and psychological problems. 

1. Chugging Litters of Strawberry Milk

Woman pouring strawberry smoothie into small cups.
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Flavored milk contains substantial amounts of sugar, which disturbs the health. Overconsumption of these flavored milk causes serious health issues like diabetes, obesity, and dental decay.

A commentator shared that one of her office colleagues chugged litters of strawberry milk daily. Such unusual consumption led her to diabetes at the age of 28, and the lavatory she used always stank of milk.

2. Crafting Hair People

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Tress tailoring is one of the creepiest obsessions. It's also a conviction that individuals hooked to making “hair people” are either facing severe trauma or are involved in dark art.

According to a respondent, her roommate was addicted to hair. She collects hair from vacuum cleaners, hair brushes, and saloons to make hair people. She had associated names and stories with them, which was weird.

3. Dining Cigarette Ashes

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Cigarette consumption leads to serious health issues, including respiratory problems and cancer. However, the uncontrollable use of its ash is also hazardous to health and bizarre at the same time.

A person mentioned that she saw a woman on a TV show who was addicted to eating her husband's cigarette ashes. She was always worried about replenishing them or what if she was short of them.

4. Munching Mattress Foam

Woman in bed with toothache
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Mattresses are composed of material not absorbed or digested by the body. Munching on these mattress foam causes choking, intestinal problems, liver issues, and even death.

Somebody shared the story of a woman who was addicted to eating mattress fluff. She ate her mattress, then her mother's mattress, and later her car seats. She seriously needed help because this is indeed an unusual addiction.

5. Bleach Consumption

Tired woman with cleaning products.
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Bleach is a household cleaning item. Its oral consumption is strictly prohibited. It’s the weirdest as well as one of the most dangerous addictions that can cause death.

 A sharer identified a woman who was addicted to bleach. She used to consume tissues soaked in bleach during her pregnancy. God knows what will have happened to her poor baby. 

6. Indulging in Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is the universally loved carbonated drink. However, if consumed in larger quantities, it seriously impacts human health.

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Someone wrote that one of his friends was addicted to Coca-Cola. She sleeps with a cooler of Coke and wants one as soon as she gets up, and then she drinks Coke all day. She develops signs of anxiousness and becomes grumpy if not provided with one.

7. Chewing Polystyrene Packaging

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Polystyrene is used in the packaging of food items and poultry products so that consumers have damaged-free goods. It is a byproduct of petroleum and is harmful to health.

A considerate person mentioned that he knew a girl addicted to munch polystyrene packaging. He added that the way she crunched that packaging was annoying and set teeth on edge.

8. Sniffing Glue and Cement

Super Glue
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Addiction to certain things at an early age is not always for pleasure, but sometimes they become a compulsion for you.

A commenter shared his experience that during his visit to Nairobi, he saw homeless street kids sniffing cement and glue from small plastic bottles to numb the hunger sensation. It was so heart-wrenching that, at times, addictions are indispensable.

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9. Making Own Self Pass Out

Man Napping on Couch
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The people addicted intentionally exhibit actions, which can lead to unconsciousness or even prove fatal. Such people need serious help from experts.

A narrator highlighted his friend who used to press his neck with his fists so hard that it stopped the oxygen supply to his brain and led him to be cataleptic. Later, he cut all social contacts and disappeared.

10. Crushing Fluorescent Bulbs

Happy Couple Cooking
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People primarily develop addictions to gain self-satisfaction and pleasure. However, some of these addictions are so insane that they leave you speechless.

One of the respondents articulated that her neighbor was addicted to crushing used fluorescent bulbs under her high heels. The noise of chomping the mirror gives her satisfaction.

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