10 Recent Trends That Show Life is Always Interesting

The wild world of trends through the epic saga of generations has taken a crazy turn. Thanks to tech wizardry, our world has turned into a playground of innovation. It can be a generational shift, but many strange things have occurred. Let's go through some bizarre trends and figure out the quirks that make life interesting.

1. Expensive Concert Tickets

Audience watching concert at open air music festival, rear view, stage and spectators at background
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Back in the late '90s and early 2000s, snagging concert tickets didn't break the bank. But ticket prices have now skyrocketed, often starting at $100. One user spilled the beans on buying tickets for her hubby, and they were crazy expensive! To add salt to the wound, they weren't even physical tickets, and there was no option to print them.

2. YouTube Families

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Numerous YouTube families have evolved beyond cringe-worthy content. A Youtuber mentions that she does not like the YouTube families. She adds that it seems weird that people are putting their 11-year-old children crying over homework on YouTube. Another user says there is no such privacy left, and it also affects children's development.

3. NPC Trends on TikTok

Woman doing tiktok videos
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From dancing randomly to lipsync over another language's sound, TikTok trends are quite bizarre. And now there are NPC Trends on TikTok. An influencer shares that she always chills with trends, but NPCs are driving her crazy. She adds that this stuff can waste a lot of time, and doing such trends feels stupid.

4. Audio Without Headphones

Young woman at beach with earbuds and wearing a hat.
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There was a time when headphones were in trend. But now the tables have turned, and people prefer not to use headphones. A flight attendant shares her experience with her fellow attendant, asking a couple to use headphones. But they didn't use them. Finally, she brought them earbuds and told them to use them.

5. Anti-Intellectualism

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Thanks to current trends and the rise of social media as an income source, anti-intellectualism is gaining traction. A user pointed out that it's becoming a bizarre trend, with some proudly embracing undereducation in many regions. It's a noticeable change where pursuing money often takes precedence over valuing education.

6. Influencers

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A person shares that influencers are the people who are now turned into ads. Well, it is certainly true. The growth of social media has led many people to start as influencers. Agreeing with the above user, another person mentions that it is horrible seeing random people without any authenticity becoming famous.

7. Car Stickers

Van covered with bumper stickers
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Car stickers have been in trend since the early 2000s. But now, they are a sort of necessity. A woman shares that onion is used to sell a bumper sticker that is sarcastic but kind of anti-God. She also mentions that now the cuss words and anti-religion stickers are common and considered cool.

8. Broccoli Cut

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This trend emerged in 2018 and is still followed by teenage boys. A woman comments that her friend, a teacher, shares a story that when they had to wear face masks, it was really hard to figure out which student it was because of the broccoli cut. She also mentions that she heard of broccoli cut from her neighbor's son when he insisted on perming his hair.

9. Tipping

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Giving tips to waiters, service providers, and different people is a way of showing gratitude towards them. But now it is becoming a bizarre trend. Even the service provider asks you to tip them. A man shares his experience of moving to a foreign country where there is no tipping, and it was so refreshing for him.

10. Public Pranks

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Public pranking has become the worst trend. Many people shared their stories online regarding the horrific experiences they had. Replying to them, an online user shares that people are annoying and pranking others just for getting likes and comments. He adds that this can be irritating as well as impolite stuff.

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