10 Business TV Shows True to The Hustle

Many TV shows are dedicated to the business field. Some shows provide knowledge and teach skills in business, and some show successful people in business from all over the world. Here are a few TV shows that offer vast data and comprehension for entrepreneurs.

1. Silicon Valley (2014-2019)

Photo Credit: HBO.

This show depicts the technology world of business. This show provides vast business, sale, purchase, and investment knowledge. It also highlights the ways and techniques in which the industry works. It elaborates on the entrepreneur on how to develop a relationship with the investor. It also explains the right time to launch the product.

2. Start Up (2013-)

Photo Credit: Start Up Television Project LLC.

The name of this TV show elaborates on the nature of the show. This Start Up show is established to promote new start-ups. The investors who start their businesses are asked about their challenges. Then they discuss the possible solution to these challenges. And the techniques and tricks are provided to launch their business effectively.

3. Dirty Money (2018-2020)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

The recommendation for businessmen who want to watch something worthy on Netflix is Dirty Money. It shows the harmful effects of earning black money. It elaborates on how people earn illegal money and face challenges in this process. In this series, the entrepreneurs are shown that make their reputation in the wrong ways. 

4. Shark Tank (2009-)

Photo Credit: ABC.

Shark Tank is an American business television show. In this show, sharks are the people who bring ideas, products, and services. The best ideas and products are promoted. And the judges take partnership or purchase the product or service. In this way, entrepreneur shows their business to the public. From this platform, many careers have been set up.

5. Girlboss (2017)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

The Girlboss is a fascinating business-based series. As the name shows, this series revolves around the girl's struggles to become a successful business tycoon. A girl named Sophia Amoruso established her fashion brand. She starts her career by working as a sales girl in a thrift store. This shows the importance of determination, consistency, and dedication for success.

6. Suits (2011-2019)

Image Credit: USA.

One commentator stated that watching Suits is a worthy time to spend. This is a very famous series, and people love this series due to its interesting characters. It is based on lawyers. It provides a deep inside look at the business and processes in law firms. This TV series is worth watching for entrepreneurs or start-up owners.

7. The Grand Hustle (2018)

Photo Credit: BET.

A show that revolves around business tycoons and entrepreneurs; and is very popular among audiences is The Grand Hustle. Sixteen famous and successful businessmen gather and compete with each other through their skills. The famous TV actor, singer, and rapper TI host this show. Their skills are tested with different techniques. The winner is awarded a cash prize and gets a chance to work with TI.

8. American Factory (2019)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

American Factory is based on the manufacturing industries of America. In this documentary, a Chinese company is depicted, and the challenges faced by the workers and employees of this company. This documentary provided information on the business and the secrets of its success. It also defines the importance of diverse and cultural employees and workers.

9. Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (2019)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

This is a documentary that is divided into three parts. In this documentary, the business success of the world's best businessman, Bill Gates, is defined and shown. It shows the mindset and motivation that one must have to create a lot of companies from zero. It also exerts how Bill Gates thinks and sees the world's future. A person who wants to set his future on billion dollars must watch this documentary.

10. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Photo Credit: High Bridge Entertainment.

The story of Breaking Bad is fascinating and amazing. In this, the main character Walter White struggles to earn money for his family. Because he has been diagnosed with cancer, he is a math teacher, and he creates methamphetamine, a chemical. And this can earn a huge amount of money. People who dream of being a successful businessman in future must watch this series.

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