10 Instant Clues That Someone is Not as Wealthy as They Claim

Do you have any friends or family that come to mind when you think about bragging? Everyone has someone around them who suffers from this nature of false bragging. Living around such people can give you a hint of when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. So, do not get intimidated by anyone who claims about their wealth. Look out for these signs of their lies.

1. Talking About Themselves

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When someone talks too much about anything, it is a clear indication of something they want to brag about. Their bragging may not always be true. A user mentions how a guy on YouTube claims to be a multi-billionaire, but the reality is quite different since he knows his brother-in-law. So, do not believe everything you see or hear on social media. 

2. Talking About Their Possessions

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While some people love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments, others love telling everyone about the things they own. One commenter mentions how when you are wealthy, you tend not to let anyone know. When people know about your resources, they always want a piece of it. 

3. Comparing Bank Accounts

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According to another user, one of his friends always compares his bank accounts with his friends. He always brings this topic up, no matter where the conversation is headed. When someone is insecure about things like these, they always want to remind people about their money. 

4. Always Showing off Brands

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Even if they aren’t constantly talking about their possessions, they will always hold something from a brand and make you feel bad that you don’t know it. Some users have mentioned how people at their workplace or their friends have a few branded things and constantly brag about them. 

5. Spending Too Much

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Wealthy people know the worth of money. Hard-earned money always makes one think ten times before spending it on useless things. If you have someone around you who is constantly spending to show others how much money they have, they are a fraud. As mentioned by other individuals, legitimately rich people know the value of their wealth. 

6. Always Meeting at Fancy Places

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We all have someone around us who always wants to meet at a fancy restaurant. While it is plausible that they might have the money for it, they would never make you feel bad about not having the resources to always meet at an expensive place. It is always the insecure people who tend to do this. So don’t be intimidated by such people. This concern has also been discussed by other users who have shared their experiences.

7. Reminding You of Their Favor

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One individual shared his experience about how he was constantly reminded of the monetary favor bestowed upon him by his friend. Such people surround us all; there may be just 1 or 2, but they are always there. If your friendship is genuine, you will never have to remind them of your favor. So you should be careful of such friends. Such people only want to increase their importance and feel valued. 

8. Constant Flexing

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As mentioned before, wealthy people never like to flex about it. When one does this, there’s always the danger of fake friendships and relationships. So, to avoid this hassle, they would much rather portray themselves as mediocre but always show up when their friends or family need their monetary support. Almost every individual has mentioned this point. 

9. Are Always Free

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As mentioned by an online user, if someone is living a high-end lifestyle, they must be working very hard to fulfill their needs. Unless, of course, someone has a rich family background. If someone in their 20s or 30s is always free to hang out every day of the week, they are probably just bragging for external validation. People who are living a good life are busy in their lives trying to provide for themselves. 

10. If You Know You Know

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Last but not least, sometimes, you might just get a gut feeling about someone lying. You should trust your intuition and follow what your heart says about such people. Usually, as there is also a saying, empty vessels make the most noise. So beware of such people. As also directed by the commenters, “If you know, you know.”

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