10 Dangerous Ideas That Are Always Wrong, Regardless of Their Popularity

When humans were forming a civilization, they looked up to influential individuals. Their activities set examples for the rest & people would follow. Similarly, trends work today, and often, harmful ideas get popular & become normalized. However, the popularity of an activity doesn't equate to whether it's right, too. Following is the list of ten dangerous ideas that are always wrong, regardless of their popularity:

1. Tailgating

Busy Highway
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Tailgating is driving too close to the car in front, leaving it a few inches to collide with the vehicle in front, which is the leading cause of highway deaths. Not only do you risk your but other's lives, too. A user elaborated on an incident of seeing two cars going bumper-to-bumper, mistakenly believing it was a towing car; it turned out that the other driver was tailgating poorly.

2. Violence as a Solution

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It's one of the easiest ways to escape a situation. The reason people opt for it is because blaming and exerting violence often drags away the responsibility but leads only toward destruction & nothing.  The best way to cope is to think with a calm mind & analyze what can be done. Violence can only worsen the situation as it causes physical and emotional harm, destroys property, and undermines social cohesion.

3. Brake Checking

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People would often check their brakes on moving highways where just a tiny mistake can lead to a massacre. They don't realize that the behind cars need some time to react. Even if one wants to do so, one must first derail from the high-speed lane. Somebody raves online, saying that it is the most idiotic way possible to cause accidents. She says things worsen when you're coming at a speed of 70-80 mph.

4. Toddlers Piercings

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These days, parents get toddlers pierced in the name of beautification. However, they should understand babies look good with their childishness & innocence. Doing so at a young age can cause complications in their ear, too. One user pointed out that parents should understand these piercing marks and stay with their children for life. Another lament is that it should be the child's choice in the future whether they want to opt for it or not.

5. Suppressing Emotions

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Recently, there has been a trend of becoming stoic and suppressing your emotions, showcasing a cold body language. These pile up over time, and people may become overthinkers, unable to focus on daily chores. No matter how popular it gets, suppressing your feelings and emotions is unhealthy. Poor mental health contributes to poor physical health & perpetuates suffering in an individual. 

6. Binge Smoking

Man smoking
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In recent years, an alarming spike has been observed in GenZ binge-smoking for fun. The addiction cycle starts with lousy company, peer pressure, smoking, and later introduction to drugs. Somebody elaborated that people often engage in it, saying that if we were young, nothing would happen, but it doesn't work like that. Getting relaxed for an immediate escape is not worth knowing the long-term effects that it brings. 

7. Justifying Politicians Acts

Young and mature politicians in formalwear discussing points of their reports and consulting about ideas.
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Some people would justify politicians' acts & cover up their mistakes. However, creating a transparent system where no one is above the state is essential, which is best in everyone's interest. To put blind trust in government and politicians is ignorance; one should learn geopolitics to understand their narratives & agendas. There's a famous saying: “Give the same importance to politicians that they give you.”

8. Fame & Popularity

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Everything seems good in moderation, whether it has a positive or negative outcome. Similarly, fame is good in itself but only up to a specific limit. Because people often forget their roots and treat humans in the most dehumanizing ways. Aside from this, privacy and personal boundaries are lost once you become a public figure. On an online platform, a user claims that people receive fame by selling their privacy.

9. Texting While Driving

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Rules are designed for a definite purpose: to avoid mishaps and maintain discipline. These are made for the public's welfare & they are responsible for abiding by them. One thing that remains wrong despite how many people indulge in it is texting while driving. A user advises that it is better to get late than never reaching your destination.

10. Engaging in Sports Without Training

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Sports is vital to our daily lives as it helps us enjoy a healthy life. However, participating without proper training can result in serious injuries, paralysis, or even death. The role of social media influencers is crucial in this regard to make eyeballs aware of its consequences. Netizens opined that people engage in such activities without training in the name of adventure, leading to unannounced injuries.

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