10 Documentaries That Will Make You Really Think About Your Life

These documentaries will make you really think about life.

1. The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

Photo Credit: Tribeca Film.

An explorer looks into the documentary The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which gives a glimpse into the White family's turbulent lives. The harsh realities of neglect, substance abuse, and a vicious cycle of violence that plagues their daily existence are made clear in this raw and unsettling film. The severe effects of poverty and social struggles are shown to the audience against the backdrop of impoverished Appalachia. The narrative unflinchingly features the results of a day-to-day existence defaced by enslavement, featuring the difficulties encountered by people caught in an unpreventable cycle.

2. A Certain Kind of Death

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They talk about the documentary A Certain Kind of Death, which follows the Los Angeles coroner's office, in a comment left by a different observer. The client stresses the lamentable conditions of individuals passing away alone, sometimes found long after their passing. The documentary sheds light on the consequences of neglect and isolation in a dark setting.

3. The Bridge

Photo Credit: IFC Films.

A viewer mentions the documentary The Bridge, which she describes as “an intense and thought-provoking documentary that explores themes of sadness.” It delves into the eerie topic of suicide and its effects on people and society.

4. 77 Minutes

Photo Credit: Double Wave Productions.

Another commentator remarks on the disturbing and graphic documentary 77 Minutes, which tells the story of the tragic massacre that took place at a McDonald's in the 1980s. The viewer communicates the profound bitterness evoked by the film, featuring its expressed portrayal of savagery.

5. The Imposter

Photo Credit: Indomina Releasing.

A cinephile praises the captivating documentary The Imposter enthusiastically because of its exceptional quality and masterful storytelling. The film has an enduring effect, captivating spectators with its subtlety and talented development of suspense. As the story unfurls, the strain slowly fabricates, keeping audiences as eager and anxious as ever, yearning to uncover the truth. Thanks to its compelling storytelling techniques, the documentary transports viewers to a world where nothing is as it seems. It capably inspects the profundities of human trickery, testing insights and leaving watchers scrutinizing their senses.

6. The Staircase

Photo Credit: HBO Max.

An observer reflects on their own inability to serve as a juror and mentions The Staircase. The documentary focuses on the case of Michael Peterson, who is charged with killing his wife but defends himself by arguing that she fell down the stairs.

7. Sins of Our Mother

Photo Credit: Netflix.

A viewer discusses Netflix's Sins of Our Mother, describing it as a disturbing documentary. It narratives a lady's plunge into outrageous strict convictions, prompting a shocking killing binge that incorporates her children. The viewer highlights the upsetting nature of the events portrayed.

8. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

Photo Credit: HBO.

Someone raises concerns about The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, a series about Robert Durst's life and alleged crimes. The viewer doesn't give further subtleties, leaving the crowd fascinated to discover the stunning disclosures introduced in the series.

9. The Century of the Self

Photo Credit: BBC Two.

The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis is featured by an enthusiast who describes it as a dark and disrupting narrative. The film digs into the joint effort between organizations, government entities, and psychologist Edward Bernays, who used psychological strategies to shape consumer behavior. The viewer emphasizes its eerie nature and its YouTube availability.

10. Titicut Follies

Photo Credit: Grove Press.

Finally, an enthusiast mentions Titicut Follies, a 1960s documentary that exposes the disturbing conditions within a Massachusetts mental institution. The viewer explains that the film's shocking content prompted a comprehensive overhaul of the nation's mental health system for the criminally insane, even though it was initially banned and faced a delayed release of twenty years.

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