10 Essential Life Hacks For Your Daily Routine

Many people have different ways of doing things. Some people do things so accurately that it becomes a professional life hack. These hacks can change your life forever. People shared a few life hacks on an online platform that can completely change your life views if you add them to your daily life. Let's look at some of these essential life hacks.

1. 3,2,1 Rule

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Procrastination is one of the significant issues that you all face in your daily life. To help with the procrastination, one of the commenters mentioned If you can get the job done in under 2 minutes, do it immediately. He said, “It used to take me all Saturday to clean the house; now I clean everything in parts and have the whole Saturday for the fun stuff!”. For this, you can use the 321-like hack. Don't think twice and count 3,2,1, and just go for it.

2. Regrow Green Onions

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Have you ever thought of growing onions at home without the need to buy them from the grocery store? You can regrow the Regrow green onions at home quickly. Just put the part that is left over in the water. You can leave the white end with roots in a glass of water on the sill. New onions will grow in a week.

3. Spray Water to Reheat Pizza

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Pizza is an all-time favorite food for everyone. But pizza is only enjoyable when it is fresh. If you keep the pizza, it loses its flavor. But guess what? Now you can enjoy your pizza by reheating it. People have tried to reheat their pizza on a frying pan, air fryer, toaster, or microwave. And they got super fresh pizza. But the hack they all used was to spray a little water on the pizza before reheating it.

4. DIY Your Home Doors

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People agree that many DIYed things are sometimes far better than ready-made stuff. A commenter said that she could not get any store to order a custom-sized door. So she made a 4-panel door herself. And it was so easy and fun to make. YouTube is full of guides on how to DIY things for your home. You can use any of your favorite channels to learn the tips. You'll only require a few instruments to create personalized items that match your taste. And the unique part is it far cheaper to make things by yourself.

5. Drinking Apple Cider for Blood Sugar

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Drinking apple cider vinegar is the best to stabilize blood sugar. If you face any instability in your blood sugar, you can use this apple cider. It can be used once a day by diluting 1-2 tablespoons in a big glass of water. Using it without cutting it can impact your stomach lining. But using diluted apple cider is good for your health. It works as a natural remedy for unstable sugar levels.

6. Use Rejuvenating Oils on Furniture

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Over time, furniture gets old and dulls its shine. It happens because you use fibers and cleaning sprays that remove their shine. Using rejuvenating oils on the table can help you up-cycle your old furniture. It has to repair properties that will give life to your dull furniture.

7. Use Shaving Cream on Hazy Mirror

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If you have a hazy mirror and are wondering how to clean it, you must use shaving cream. Shaving creams have cleaning properties, and they smooth out the area. You can use them on the mirror and watch the difference. Use a small quantity of shaving cream on the mirror, and all the residue will be gone leaving a clean mirror.

8. Exercise Before Bed To Lose Weight

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A few people want to lose weight but are unsure about it. It's your queue to start doing the workout. You can work out before bed, making your muscles burn more calories. People agree that exercising and working out can help you lose weight faster if you do it before bed. Because it fastens your metabolism leading your body to burn more calories, and you will also have a sound sleep.

9. Fix Scratches With a Clear Nail Polish

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Getting scratches on window screens is common. It can happen anytime with anyone. But you can fix the screen with clear nail paint. You must clean the surface before applying the paint. Use a small brush to take the pain and apply it where the area is scratched. It will cover up pretty much a lot of scratches.

10. Use Sponge Cleaner for Shattered Glass Pieces

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You all must have used the sponge cleaner at home. You might have always used them for cleaning and never thought of using them like this. If you break a glass and its small pieces are chattered everywhere, you can use a sponge to pick those up. It will give no scratch on your fingers. And you can safely dispose of them in a bin without getting hurt.

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