10 Everyday Things Men Do That Perplex Women

Men and women are subtle creatures often dependent upon each other for survival. However, some of men's habits appear horrendous and terrible towards women. Although, men don't do such stuff intentionally. Let's dig out into some everyday things men do that leave women scratching their heads.

1. Scattered Stuff Everywhere 

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Stuff spread far and wide, making the whole environment displeasing and unattractive. That's what makes women feel off when men do such things. One of the commenters stated that her husband made the whole room so messy that it looked like a tornado hit. All the cupboards and drawers were left open,, and their home appears to have become burgled.

2. Boring Company

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Most of the men are usually less talkative and boring. They usually avoid long conversations and are silent, which might irritate the women. An office worker shared that she had been working with the coworker for about a decade. They worked together on multiple projects and traveled to job sites together. But they only talk about their job, nonetheless about anything. According to her, it was very boring and dull company.

3. Bad Eating Habits

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Men with bad eating habits and bad table manners often make women aggressive. A girl mentioned her first encounter with a guy who her parents chose for marriage. She lamentably expressed that he ate like a pig and had no table etiquette. His actions and manners so disheartened her that she refused to marry him.

4. Penny-Pinching Person

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One of the habits that usually annoy women is being thrifty enough not to spend money on the bare necessities of life. A housewife articulated the fact that her husband is so budget-conscious that he merely takes her for an outing. His main focus is to save money, no matter what she is going through. She endured his miserable actions for about three years and then finally decided to leave him.

5. Prioritizing Office Work

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Most men are usually ambitious enough that they spend most of their time using mobile phones and laptops that might turn off a woman. One commenter has spitted that her husband seemed so busy with his office work that they barely talked. His priorities are so superior that they get into conservation for about 10 minutes during the whole day.

6. Lack of Truthfulness

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Trust and truthfulness in any relationship make it stronger enough that it cannot be shattered. A lack of truthfulness may lead to meaningless relationships. A wife stressed that her husband usually didn't fulfill the promises that he usually makes. This has made her marital life more disturbing and agitating. Hence, she wants her husband to be faithful and sincere to make their bond stronger.

7. Dependency 

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One of the leading factors that will smash the living relationship is the total dependency on one another. Independent men, who usually spend their lives with their motives and perspectives, are more appealing to women. As mentioned by the senior lady, she likes her husband's independent behavior. They spend quality time together, but they have their own friends, hobbies, and priorities.

8. Bad Manners

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Men lacking good manners and etiquette are of no means to a healthy relationship. A good gentleman should need to be graceful enough to attract a woman. One of the commenters has expressed her opinion that while he went out with his friend, she had the worst experience. He was like using bad language and dominating himself in every stance. That's why she broke her friendship with him.

9. Overconfidence

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Confident people seem attractive, but overconfidence and overvaluing yourself might be arrogant. Hence, one has to show modesty, not arrogance and overconfidence. One of the girls articulated her viewpoints that she disliked the men who usually self-praised about their achievements and distinctions. That type of attitude shows the weakness of that person.

10. Liar

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A deceptive, misleading, and deceitful nature may cause the destruction of healthy relationships. All the women find it hatred and intolerable when men usually lie about even small stuff. Even though nobody can be transparent, knitting a web of unnecessary lies affects the relationship. Some categorized it as the worst habit, and this needs to vanish to foster meaningful relationships.

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