10 Exposed Frauds Still Garnering a Fanbase

In the era of digital media, where there's a significant benefit of having access to helpful information and positioning yourself, there's a true picture of deception running in the form of online scams. They mainly target people's desires and pain points, such as financial independence. Here are unveiling ten fraud cases that still gain a fanbase.

A False Mystic

Man doing magic trick with cards
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Some people are indeed born with unique abilities. But there is a blend of those with real powers or abilities and those who just fake it. It is hard to find a genuine one. A respondent shared that Uri Geller claimed to have mystical powers. However, all he does are magic tricks. Despite being exposed, he still continues.

Pyramid Scheme

Network marketing concept with businessman drawing people icons and pyramid scheme on virtual interface with a glowing stylus pen.

This kind of scam phenomenon has expanded more online these days. One of the contributors added the scam run by Bernie Madoff, who made money with a pyramid scheme. Though people who got early in this somehow managed to make some money with it, it is not a legitimate or legal way to earn.

Healthcare Scam

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When it is about healthcare, we always get cautious when there's a pandemic or an outbreak of viral disease. Another user explained a case where Andrew Wakefield falsified a made-up study to discredit the MMR vaccine just to sell his own measles vaccine. He stated that these vaccines cause autism in kids.

Crypto Scam

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Crypto has been the talk of the town for quite a time. People see it as a passive income, a full-time business, a side hustle, and other income streams. However, there are a lot of scams going on in this industry as well. One person has called out Logan Paul for multiple crypto scams. People are still rooting for him as he is a renowned wrestler.

The Divine Voices

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People get dumped using their pain points, be it desire, emotions, or fear. According to another user, Peter Popoff claimed to hear divine voices, which later turned out to be his own wife's voice, using a radio. When he got exposed, people continued following him. He has doubled up his following even after being exposed. He is still selling his product as a faith tool.

Fake Fitness Coaching

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Like others, there's a scam running in the fitness industry, which is unfortunately expanding. This makes people skeptical of real health and fitness experts. One of the individuals shared an insight that never trust a claimed fitness influencer who advises targeting a specific body area to burn fat with certain exercises.

Social Influencers

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Not all, but some influencers show fake living and sell bogus products on the basis of commission. Some offer incentives, some offer free trips, and some offer huge amounts. Another commenter articulated that influencers run ads and fake reviews to get sponsorship or affiliate commissions to sell deceptive products.

Unmask Troubled Reputation

Man Crying
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Scammers are usually good at playing with human emotions and their minds. A person explained that Tommy Tallarico had taken money to play track for people. He got caught during his live shows where he pretended to play guitar along with tracks that weren't even his recordings. However, his hardcore fans still support him and do not accept any negative feedback from him.


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Most of these advertisements are not backed by any reputable company to commit fraud. They fool people by winning their trust at a subconscious level to donate or purchase a product. According to a correspondent, many registered companies and organizations cold call for donations to support a cause or purchase products. However, there are abundant scams running in the same face.

Personality Test

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Many online websites report a person's personality test. It has been disproved by many studies explaining that these sites generally detect wrong personality types. A final user said that the Meyers Briggs personality test dropped negative traits, so this test does not offer a true insight into you. 

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