10 Forgotten Historical Events Are Tragic and Funny

If we look at history, history is full of strange incidents, funny characters, and many such incidents, which are very strange to hear today. History is a story that never ends. In the pages of history, many incidents are tragic and funny.

1. Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party was a form of the raid in Boston Harbor. The incident in which the colonists of America dumps the Load of tea into the water to protest against the British tax on tea. The people found the incident of protest again British tax was a humorous and daring act. This act has fallen the price of tax which was done to assist East India because they are currently suffering from bad financial conditions.

2. The Great Emu Wars

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The war against emu sounds funny, but this has happened in Australia. Emu is a flightless Bird, but they are causing chaos in the Australian district because they are huge and creating problems for the local farmers. History found this fight to be funny because the Australian army lost this war which was against birds. This was found to be funny because Australians started the spot, and they could not win this war. In the end, they lost that war. 

3. The Dancing Plagues

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It was such a plague that people started dancing continuously in the streets and markets. The disease spread because of overheated blood and demonic possession. The reason for this dancing plague was discovered when a woman stepped into a road and started dancing, juggling, and moving her body for several days in a street.

4. The Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

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The incident started in the girl's school, then spread to the other community and the other 14 schools close to it. This was the disease with uncontrollable laughter. This epidemic started when a schoolgirl fell into anxiety laughter, and the girls who were around also in girls in laughed. It spreads beyond the school boundary and may risk the population as time passes.

5. Napoleon Short Stature

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Napoleon was of average height, but in history, he was considered a man because of cartoonist James Gillray. In his cartoons, he described Napoleon as a short man. In this cartoon, Napoleon is a satirical character wearing boots that dwarfed him. These cartoons are the most famous cartoon of that time on politics.

6. War of Stray Dog

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The was an incident that was Greek Bulgarian which resulted in an invasion of Greece near the border town after the death of a Greek captain. This incident was more significant than a Greek soldier running after a dog that strayed across the border.

7. Chad Election

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During the president's election in the United States, confusion spread that the half-punch holes on the ballot were hanging. Many Florida votes were used, punched the ballot cards, and hung them. These uncast ballots swing by countless voters. Those who are wrong turn away from the poll.

8. William Conqueror 

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William Conqueror was the first Norman king of England. His contest was suffering with significant implications in the history of both regions. William disembarking his ship during the battle of England symbolized unpredictable history.

9. The Molasses Flood

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Great molasses blood, which is also known as Boston molasses, was a disaster which was occurred in the north of Boston. A huge tank filled with 2.3 million gallons of molasses burst, and the flood spread in the streets, killing many people. The molasses flood caused many disasters after it. The smell and slimy texture on the road after a long time. 

10. Ancient Roman Sense of Humor

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The sense of humor of Romans was a punch for their good jokes and toilet rumors. The mood of Romans can easily be seen in their comic writings. They have four types of words: yellow bile, blood, black bile, and phlegm.

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