These 10 Frugal Living Tips Can Save You Thousands

To live frugally means to manage your resources, particularly money, with great care. When you're frugal, you're deliberate about how to use your cash. Doing it right involves focusing on what's better while analyzing the strategy to stay within the budget.

1. Frugal vs. Cheap

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Being frugal doesn't mean swapping out all the brands and activities you love for low-cost knockoffs. Living this way lets you figure out where to pinch pennies and where it’s okay to splash a bit of cash. So, understand the difference between misery and saving while moving to frugal living. 

2. The Upside of Saving

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Choosing a frugal lifestyle can speed up reaching financial milestones, which opens the door to more freedom with your funds. Every penny saved on nonessential items gets you closer to achieving your money goals quicker. Saving doesn’t mean you must cut out your favorite meals or shopping. It simply means to analyze your extra expenditures that can be avoided.

3. Simple Money-saving Strategies

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Taking up frugal living can be tricky at first. That’s fine! It's okay to adjust as you go. The most important thing is understanding that there isn't one right way to do this. Not all the tips will be easy, but sticking to innovative ways and adapting the most reliable tips will have better outcomes.

4. Make a Budget

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A budget estimates your earnings and spending over a specific time frame. It helps you plan how to use your money across five main areas: Income generation, spending, saving, investing, and protection. Making a budget isn’t exciting but is a pathway to reaching your financial dreams. Write out what money is coming in, then figure out where it needs to go for bills and savings.

5. Consider About Moving

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You can find a less expensive home the same size as your current one, but there's a tradeoff. You might have a longer commute or have to consider other changes, like moving your kids to a different school. If you're single, without family responsibilities, and work from home, why not live further away? 

6. Consider Homeschooling or Changing Schools

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Why send your young kid to an expensive school that costs as much as what you make? There are more affordable schools out there offering quality education. Another option in this regard is homeschooling. Homeschooling leads to raising kids who are relaxed and healthy since they don't face typical school stress. 

7. Hiring a Tutor

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Hiring a tutor for kids is common, but there's another option. You can choose to engage in self-led and officially recognized programs for your children. These come with tutors and are designed to be kid-friendly, making it easier for them to meet global education standards while saving you money. Always do your homework by asking other parents who live this way about their experiences. Take a peek at our homeschooling article.

8. Kitchen Gardening

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Growing your food is possible no matter where you live, even if it’s just an apartment balcony or a small backyard. You can harvest anything from herbs and veggies like potatoes and corn to raising some chickens. Not only do you enjoy fresh vegetables with no artificial fertilizers, but you’ll save much on groceries.

9. Reuse

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If you can buy something secondhand, take advantage of the opportunity. Reach out to thrift shops or online communities like Facebook groups, where bargains await for the stuff you need. Gently used items can keep more money in your pocket. Reusing doesn’t mean that you can throw away unused things or you have to stick to not buying. You can always adapt the smart way to frugal living. Donate reusable stuff to the needy ones.

10. Sell What You Don’t Need

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Are all those purchases gathering dust? There’s always someone else who may find what they’re looking for among your unused belongings. Trade unused items on online platforms for cash. Sell toys your children no longer use, along with handbags and shoes gathering dust.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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