10 Heartbreaking Things Going On in the World You Probably Didn’t Know About

Here are some things going on in the world that many don't know about.

1. Unreported Realities: Iran's Hidden Truths

Freedom Monument known as Azadi Tower or Borj-e Azadi tower and cultural complex reflecting in a pond at sunset, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
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Through the lens of a vigilant observer, a vigilant critic highlights the possibility of a significant information gap regarding events unfolding in Iran. They assert that the media may not adequately report or give due attention to noteworthy occurrences, developments, or issues within the country, leading to a lack of global awareness and understanding.

2. Yemen Crisis: Media Neglect

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Voiced by an insightful analyst, there is an emphasis on the ongoing civil war and the dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which mainstream media outlets often overlook. The commentator points out the paradox of selective attention and support from the media, where specific countries receive considerable coverage while others, like Yemen, are neglected despite the severity and prolonged duration of the crisis.

3. Dark Side of Social Media: Spying and Manipulation

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Expressing apprehension, a discerning observer raises concerns about the pervasive surveillance conducted by social media platforms and websites and the potential consequences of AI-driven social engineering experiments orchestrated by influential economic entities. They articulate unease about the ample time individuals spend on social media and suggest that constant exposure may erode personal autonomy and agency.

4. Wealth Disparity and Elite Market Manipulation

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A visionary believes that the world's wealthiest moguls exploit economic instability and the burdens imposed on the general public for personal gain. They assert that politicians in the United Kingdom and the United States leverage their insider knowledge to create legislation that negatively impacts the market while colluding with banks to secure substantial profits for themselves. These allegations raise concerns about the equity and transparency of the economic system.

5. Exploitation in US Ethnic Food Service

Stressed Fast Food Employee Feeling Desperate and Frustrated Unhappy business manager feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
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With a focus on a troubling issue within the ethnic food service industry in the United States, an advocate suggests the presence of what resembles modern-day servitude. The comment implies the existence of exploitative practices, such as forced labor or extremely low wages, in this sector. This revelation underscores the need for increased attention and action to address potential abuses and ensure fair treatment and working conditions for industry members.

6. Permafrost Thawing: Environmental Consequences

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A visionary draws attention to a disturbing phenomenon unfolding in Siberia, Canada, and Alaska: permafrost thawing. Concerned about the possible effects, notably the release of methane gas and the return of ancient microbes, the comment emphasizes our world's potentially huge and unforeseen influence. It underscores the urgency for further research and understanding of permafrost thawing and its environmental and climate implications.

7. UK Police Bill: Tracking Protesters

News being reported in London
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Revealing an alarming update about a recent police bill in the UK, a vigilant advocate shares their worries about the provision that legally allows protesters to be tracked via wearable devices even years after the protest. The lack of significant media attention is emphasized, raising concerns about the perceived implications and potential infringements on civil liberties and privacy rights.

8. Indian Phone Scammers Targeting Elderly

Older woman on couch talking on phone.
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A social observer highlights a distressing issue involving Indian scammers who target elderly individuals through phone calls and exploit them using bullying tactics and bank impersonations to extract substantial sums of money. The vulnerability of older adults, especially those with limited computer knowledge, is highlighted, shedding light on these deceptive practices and the need for awareness and protection.

9. Disturbing Numbers: US Serial Killers

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Chillingly, an informed commentator unveils a lesser-known fact about the presence of active serial killers in the United States. They assert that an estimated 25 to 50 serial killers operate in the country at any given time, as a stark reminder of the potential danger within society.

10. Unresolved Issue: Female Circumcision Challenges

Woman upset by news.
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Shedding light on a distressing cultural practice, an advocate raises awareness about female genital mutilation in certain African countries. They highlight the prohibition of this act in the United States through a 1996 law but note that a federal judge later declared it unconstitutional, pointing to the ongoing challenges and debates surrounding this issue.

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