10 Heartwarming TV Shows/Movies That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

We know what we watch on TV shows, movies, or dramas is not true & reality is often different from what's shown in these shows. However, it can be another way sometimes when shows include well-developed characters, stunning storytelling & exquisite direction. Here are ten heartwarming TV Shows that will restore your faith in humanity:

1. The Walking Dead (2010)

Image Credit: AMC.

Adapted from the comic book series of Robert Kirkman, the show narrates the post-apocalyptic consequences. Unlike other shows centered around zombies, it's about people who have to deal with zombies. The best part about the show is the human instinct to go to any means for survival when exposed to extreme circumstances. It demonstrates the themes of morality, leadership & emotional intelligence of people at their core. The human spirit thrives in adversity and is refined in the crucible of hardship.

2. Maniac (2018)

Image Credit: Netflix.

This show is like a mini TV series, yet it is worth every episode watched. It is based on the Drama/Sci-fi genre, which follows the journey of two volunteers in a pharmacological trial struggling with their thoughts and frequently entering each other's minds. Despite not evaluating the consequences, both agreed to the experimental trial, promising to solve all their problems. It restores faith in humanity by portraying human nature that needs sympathy, compassion & attention no matter how much we hold our traumas & insecurities back into us. 

3. The Good Place (2016)

Photo Credit: NBC.

Based on Sartre's play No Exit, the show explores moral philosophy and the human afterlife through witty, humorous dialogues & thought-provoking storytelling. It follows a group of people who find themselves in the afterlife and must navigate ethical dilemmas and personal growth. The filmmakers have tried to deliver the importance of self-growth and the human capability to bring change in the surroundings. Viewers can access the show on Netflix to watch.

4. Peaky Blinder (2013)

Photo Credit: Netflix/BBC.

It is a British crime/drama TV series centered around the protagonist Tommy Shelby & his family. The plot unveils Shelby trying to expand his influence & protect his family amid the intriguing political tensions & personal challenges. It regains viewers' faith by showing the consequences of engaging in criminal activity & power misuse. It reflects on themes of criminal underworld, betrayal & how relationships suffer when a person falls deep into the chains of violence.  

5. Battlestar Galactica (2004)

Image Credit: NBC Universal Television Studio.

This popular sci-fi television series follows the story of the remnants of a 12 colonies' fleet suffering from a cyclonic pandemic when almost all humanity is on the verge of getting annihilated soon. But the last remaining citizens need to understand who to trust and when for the survival of the entire human species. The show includes courageous, resilient & proactive characters who stay firm in every scenario to protect Mand and embark on a journey to a habitable planet, i.e., Earth. 

6. Community (2009)

Photo Credit: NBC.

Community is an adventurous sitcom television series centered around a variety of students who combine into a study group at a community college. With time, they are exposed to differences between their backgrounds, behaviors & strengths/weaknesses. It explores group life facing challenges to grow as egos get deconstructed, challenged, rebuilt, and tensions rise. The show restores spectators' faith by highlighting reasons behind changes at the individual level & the importance of accepting them to live together as a community. It is available both on Amazon Prime Video & Netflix.

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

This television series is an adaptation of the book series of a similar name by Lemony Snicket. It navigates through the journey of three orphan kids trying to find the murderers of their parents after they die in a suspicious fire. Throughout the series, the children continue to face unfortunate events. It restores faith in humanity by emphasizing to stand up for what's right, having self-belief & taking lawful measures. Despite being hopeless, you shouldn't back out of the situation. The TV show is available on Netflix for viewers to watch. 

8. Friends (1994)

Photo Credit: NBC.

One of the TV shows that transcends the saga of brotherhood & real friendship, known among the audience, is Friends. Lasting about a decade, the show follows the journey of six friends living in an apartment together, navigating relationships, careers & adulthood. Restoring faith in humanity is difficult; the show demonstrates true friendship in a world of enemies disguised as friends. It explores a sense of belonging, physical & spiritual nourishment together & the importance of good company on one's personality.

9. The Blind Side (2009)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

The story unveils by showing a wealthy white family who adopts a homeless black teenager & helps him overcome his difficult upbringing. The film emphasizes the importance of empathy, family support, and standing up for the oppressed. The way Tuohys' family open-heartedly accepted Michael into their home & lives is a prime example of bringing positive change around us. It restores viewers' faith by addressing the impact it can have on society by uplifting neglected people & pushing them toward their maximum potential.

10. Schitt's Creek (2015)

Photo Credit: CBC Television.

Schitt's Creek is a satirical sitcom packed with drama, suspense & thrill. It narrates the story of a wealthy New York family who suddenly goes bankrupt and now has to live with “commoners,” which feels stale to them. But they are compelled to make difficult choices by settling in their only asset left, Schitt's Creek, a small town. The show has wonderfully highlighted the unpredictability of fate & future's destiny. It reminds us that money isn't everything & adjusting to the situation is the best thing to grow out of it.

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