10 Bizarre Reasons Parents Get Upset with Their Kids

Parenting can be frustrating for the best of us, leaving parents with half a brain at times. On an online platform, people shared some incidents where parents lost their heads and got mad at their kids for bizarre reasons.

Unrealistic Expectations

Strict Parent with daughter
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It's true that our parents want the best for us, and their expectations motivate us to soar higher than we would otherwise. However, sometimes, parents can have expectations that are irrationally high. A 1st generation US-born child of immigrants described his parents comparing the purchase of a CD to studying for college, demanding they be given the same level of effort.

For Being A Rule-Abiding Nerd

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The flush of embarrassment can make you do strange things in the heat of the moment. Letting these things go without explanation or apology can cause resentment to grow. One commenter narrated the story of his father being mad at him when his plans to catch his innocent straitlaced son red-handed didn't work out. The parents found out about illicit happenings at camp-out parties and busted one such party, hoping to catch their son in the act. The squeaky clean kid was shocked to receive a reaming for the very thing he would've been reamed out for if he'd been caught!

The Classic Math Problem

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Mathematics can cause emotions to run high in the best of us. For one girl, though, a simple issue with a math problem became a traumatizing core memory. She dared to pick up a comic book while waiting for her father to help her with a problem, but the comic book was enough to set him off. The dad wasn't just mad, but actually threatening to end his life over his daughter's perceived lack of attention towards her studies. What a nightmare!

The Loss of One Solitary Egg

Angry mother threatening her daughter at home
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Many times, a single inconsequential thing can be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. One tiny thing causes the angrily simmering pot of emotions to overflow our capacity. One user described the hilarious moment their mom lost it over them dropping an egg after a grocery trip. It was funny because the mom was on medication that causes rage as a side effect, so it was okay to laugh.

The Crime of Being a “Pothead”

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Children often unknowingly repeat jokes well beyond their understanding, picking them up from all kinds of media like TV shows to comics aimed at an older audience. It can be funny if you have a good sense of humor, or it can turn out pretty bad as it did for one young comic enthusiast who imitated a comic they saw, putting a pot on their head and calling themselves a pothead. Their “conservative 70s dad” flew off the handle at the gall of his child until he thankfully realized the child's lack of any actual knowledge regarding mood-enhancing drugs.

Inappropriate Dressing at Big Life Events

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Parents often have strict ideas about appropriate dress codes for formal events, as per the norms of their time. Mixing things up to be a bit more hip is a big no. That's how one teen induced a week-long spell of silent treatment from her mom: he picked his cool white sneakers to wear to his high school graduation instead of the mom-approved dress shoes. The dismissal was obviously a grievous offense worthy of punishment.

Grief Comparisons

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When a person passes away, everyone they'd known grieves differently according to the intensity and nature of their relationship and the personality of the person grieving as well. No two griefs are the same, and none are comparable. One grieving son's mom really did not get the memo, though, since she hit her 22-year-old son in the face for daring to grieve his father in the face of her loss of a husband –yikes. That's a tough memory for even time to erase.

Empty Nester Syndrome

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Watching their kids spread their wings and take flight into the big world outside is hard for any reasonable parent. They worry that they didn't prepare them and want to pull them back into the safety of their embrace. It's stressful, yes, but is it stressful enough to give you a kidney infection? That's what one fresh adult's mom accused them of when they traveled alone for the first time. It's ridiculous and probably scientifically impossible, but it does capture the feelings of empty nesters very well.

Not a Mind Reader

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There's nothing but irrationality in this tale. A German user described his mistake as a young child to take his father's word for what it was. When his dad asked him to bring fizz, he brought sparkling water, which is called fizz in Germany. His dad got mad at this willful ignorance because he'd obviously meant sweet fizz, which is lemonade to non-Germans. The abbreviation should have been obvious for what it was to anyone.

Mystery Hole

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One wrongfully accused commentator was cleared of all charges two decades after an incident that occurred in his childhood. His mom blamed him for a deep hole she discovered under her mattress cover. The accused maintained innocence until the truth came out years later when the guilty party (the dad!) ‘fessed up. The hole came to be when the handgun that the dad was cleaning accidentally went off. 

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