10 Outdated Things Boomers Still Use That Gen Z Can’t Imagine

Let’s face it: the boomers have had to make quite a few adjustments in their day to stay up to date with trends and technology. However, they are still known to hang on to some of what they know. Here are 10 hilariously outdated things boomers still use that Gen Z can’t fathom.

Landline Phones

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The landline phones have no benefit anymore. When you see boomers still sitting in their kitchen and talking on the phone, you have to wonder why they are doing it.

Flip Phones

Two men siting next to each other
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Many boomers got worried about this transition to the touchscreen smartphone. Not only were they expensive, but they also seemed to be unnecessary for many boomers. Flip phones are still out there!


Cash, checkbook, and calculator.
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The checkbook thing is still big for boomers. Somehow, switching to cards and digital payments was a transition that was too much for some boomers.

Fax Machine

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With scanning and emailing, the need for a fax is really almost gone. However, some boomers still prefer to share information via fax machines, and it makes Gen Z laugh.

Phone Books

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Phone books certainly contain a lot of information; the problem is that the data is difficult to find and takes some time. The same info can be pulled up on your phone in seconds.

Disc Man

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A disc man had its benefits, but at this point, the ability to listen to music digitally is much easier and less cumbersome. If you know a boomer still using a disc man, help them out!

Film Cameras

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Film cameras still offer some fantastic benefits for actual photographers. However, the boomers still using film cameras aren’t doing it for the additional photography benefits and art; they are doing it because they simply won’t make the switch.


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Encyclopedias are a great way to look up accurate information on the day the encyclopedias were published. Boomers sometimes need help understanding the concept that more accurate information is online and available in a matter of seconds.


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Rolodex phone numbers can all be stored in the phone, so you always have them with you!

Printed Maps

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The printed map is a great way to understand your surroundings and plan a trip. The problem, of course, is that it takes time, it’s not as convenient, and you can’t always get the information you need to be able to get to your final destination.

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