10 Awful Products That Somehow Sell Millions

The market is full of such products that might not work well, seem a bit shady, or just don’t make a lot of sense. However, they still sell millions for different reasons, like great marketing, celebrity endorsements, ongoing trends, etc. Let’s have a look at some of these items shared by multiple users on an online platform. 

1. Life Coaching Sessions 

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According to a user, it has become common for inexperienced individuals to sell life coaching sessions for a hefty amount. Despite not having adequate knowledge about the relevant area, they attract many consumers. It’s mainly because these coaches play with their psychology when marketing the courses. 

2. Homeopathic Medicines

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Touching upon the growing trend of homeopathic medicines, a user shared that millions of people actually spend a lot of bucks on them. However, according to them, these drugs are just water and nothing else. Not only does it lead to financial loss, but the buyers' health is also at risk while the sellers continue building a fortune with their money. 

3. Sports Video Games by EA 

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Although the brand’s games are pretty popular, some criticized them for their increasing price. It’s not just the cost; many users complained about the game’s quality going downhill. This could be due to a lack of innovation, as the new editions of these games often feature minimal updates and upgrades.  

4. Health Insurance 

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An individual called health insurance a horrible product, with millions trusting it. They even explained this by mentioning co-pays and deductibles – because of which people have to bear a portion of their health expenses despite buying a plan. According to them, insurance fails to provide the supposed financial protection, and there’s no point in spending money on it. 

5. Art 

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According to a user, a lot of art is sold for millions, even those without any special characteristics. And people actually buy it. For instance, they stated that a painting colored half in blue and half in yellow was sold for almost $63 million. They further complained that real art is about expressing your art and thoughts, not this. 

6. Mined Diamonds 

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There are no second thoughts about the high prices and popularity of diamonds. Talking about it, a user regarded them as a horrible product for many reasons. And it’s quite true, as labor practices involved in their mining lead to abuse of human rights. Moreover, there are multiple environmental effects as well, including soil erosion, deforestation, and ecosystem degradation. 

7. Apple Products 

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Someone wrote their thoughts about the overpriced digital products by Apple. They think that sometimes the functionality offered is not worth the price and can be sold at half price. Or there are many extra features that are usually unused. For example, the user shared their experience buying an alarm clock. There were settings like sleep planner, step counter, etc., that they had to deactivate. 

8. Cigarettes 

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While the price of a single cigarette is low, the combined sales usually surpass billions, with millions of individuals buying it regularly. Many users agreed with this, and one of them even mentioned that people still purchase cigarettes despite knowing the life-threatening consequences of smoking. However, aspects like addiction and nicotine dependence play a major role here. 

9. Bullets

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Being a controversial product, the high market demand for bullets is unusual, and a user discussed exactly this. While a significant portion of its sales could be attributed to defensive use and sports shooting, the potential usage in crimes and hunting animals makes them horrible. Social influences, including community practices and family traditions, also have a role. 

10. SUVs

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According to a user, 80% of all US vehicle sales comprise SUVs and trucks. However, that’s not the main problem. The issue is that most Americans live in urban and suburban areas, which makes off-roading difficult. However, they still go on to buy it as a part of the trend, which makes the road less drivable for everyone else. 

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