10 Indicators That Yelp ‘This Couple Isn’t Going to Make It’

In relationships, sometimes there are manifestations of hidden problems that can ultimately lead to a breakup or a divorce. It is important to realize these signs to solve problems and maybe even their relationship. In this regard, the following are 10 indicators worth attention.

1. Excessive Humble Grabbing Posts

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Sharing grand gestures and achievements by partners on social media beyond measure can be a sign of seeking external validation rather than a genuine connection. As one of the users pointed out, his friend is always bragging about his relationship to make a point. It seems forced, and I wonder if all is well behind the scenes.

2. Controlling the Partner's Actions

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Attempts to regulate or dictate the partner's behaviors and choices can indicate deeper insecurities or lack of trust. This controlling behavior arises from the fear of losing control or the compulsion to dominate. As added by the second user, his cousin's partner keeps insisting on reckoning their whereabouts and the people they're with, which is becoming tiresome and causing a divide between them.

3. Miscommunications 

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A frequent source of misinterpretations and inability to clearly express oneself can result in anger and disconnection. Miscommunications occur frequently when one of the partners struggles to express themselves or when assumptions are made. A user says his colleague's partner often talks past each other. It seems like they are just not on the same page, and it's leading to so much tension.

4. Arguments

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Non-ceasing conflicts and unresolved disagreements can damage the basis of a relationship. When partners find a regular clash of opinion or constant misunderstanding of personality, it can result in discord and deplete the intimacy between partners. As added by a commenter, his neighbor seems to argue about anything these days. It's heavy, and it worries me how it affects their relationship.

5. Insulting Partner in Gatherings

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Disparaging or insulting our partner in public demonstrates that he/she does not value or respect him/her. As added by a contributor, his friend's partner made a mean comment about him at a party. Everyone was uncomfortable, and it made me suspicious about their relationship.

6. Different Life Goals

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Contradictory visions or plans can hinder joint living with a partner. Another contributor mentioned that his sister wants to settle and start a family while her partner is focused on career advancement and travel. It looks like they are drifting apart, and it is sad to see it happen.

7. Contempt

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The partner's contempt or disdain for the partner might result from more profound underlying matters that should be fixed. Scorn is often expressed as eye-rolling, sarcasm, or being dismissive, which eventually destroys the emotional connection. As described by the contributor, he noticed a lot of bitterness in his coworkers' relationship. They continuously roll their eyes or say something sarcastic to each other.

8. Resentment

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Unresolved conflicts and past grievances may gradually accumulate, leading to antipathy and emotional disjunction. As noted by a user, his friend seems to clasp the former quarrels with their partner very tight. It has changed how they interact, and I worry they are moving away from each other.

9. Cheating

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Infidelity or dishonesty in a relationship will destroy trust and intimacy. The most common factor for infidelity is usually unfulfilled needs or a lack of satisfaction with the relationship. As claimed by a commenter, his cousin's partner has been cheating on them recently. This has been very shattering, and they have lost trust in each other.

10. Refusal to Listen 

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Addressing the partner's concerns or feelings can leave one with the impression of being lonely and distant. When one partner consistently shuts down and dismisses the other's feelings, this can create a sense of isolation and anger. As added by the last user, his aunt feels like her man doesn't listen to her. It is causing a lot of frustration and distance between them.

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