10 Interesting Biological Differences Between Men and Women

Men and women differ in many cases. Despite physical there are many biological differences between both genders. On an online platform, people shared some rare biological differences between men and women.

1. Stuttering

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One commentator stated that stuttering is more common in males than females. Stuttering means speaking with difficulty or repeating on word 3 4 times. Studies have shown that males are more prone to inborn stutter. The ratio of females in this regard is less than males. 

2. Longer Teeth

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One girl in the comment tells about a study. According to that study, the teeth of females are a bit longer than males. The diameter of men's teeth is larger than why they appear wide and short. While the teeth of women have less diameter appearing as slim, sharp, and long teethes.

3. Blood Flow Even in Females

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The flow of blood in the female body is studded as more even. There is also a higher surface area to volume ratio in females. Women's heart is smaller in size and beat at a faster rate. The average rate of heartbeat in women is 78-82/minute. While in men, the blood flow is not even like in women. Their heart size is slightly larger as compared to women's hearts. The heartbeat rate in men is 60-100/minute.

4. Transfer of Mitochondrial DNA

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Mitochondrial DNA is an essential component of cells. It provides the energy to the cell to perform its basic functions. When an embryo develops, this mitochondrial DNA is gained only from the mother cell. This contribution can not be made by the father cell.

5. Heart Attack

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One boy, as a medical student, shared his study on an online platform. He stated that the male gender is more likely to die from a heart attack. There is no specific reason still defined. But the fact is solid. On the other hand, women do also receive heart attacks, but the ratio is low. And if they receive a heart attack, the death ratio is even lower.

6. Discerning Colors

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One girl stated that her husband is color blind. We often argue about the colors of things. Then we came to know that he cannot discern colors. A study revealed that men got mostly confused in yellow, red, and green colors. And this is found in almost all men.

7. Sense of Smell

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The smelling sense of females is proven as so much vital. Even distant fragrances are detected by the females. And not only this, they remember these fragrances for a long time. On the other hand, male olfactory senses are fragile. They can not smell the very close gas leaking or burning smell. One commentator said he could not detect the burning food behind him. But his wife in the other room can rush by catching the scent.

8. Sweating

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At the young age of 12-15, sweating is evenly distributed among both genders. But after puberty, sweating levels changed in both genders. In females, it decreases. In high temperatures or harsh situations, the sweating is less and low in females. In men, the rate of sweating is much higher. They sweat even sitting in an air conditioner room. The volume of sweating is also higher in men.

9. Prolactin Level

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Prolactin is a hormone released by the pituitary gland. This hormone is related to breast enlargement and milk secretion after pregnancy. It is also connected to tear secretion. In females, this hormone is present at a high level. Thus women are considered emotional that cry more. In men, this hormone is present in tiny and sometimes no amounts. And that is why males are known as stronger.

10. Larger Lungs

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Men do have lungs larger in volume and size. A larger area is provided for the exchange of gases and the expansion of alveolar bags. But females differ in this case. The lung size in females is smaller as compared to men.

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