These 10 Jobs Will Turn Anyone Into a Complaining Machine

Getting a dream job is no less than a blessing. It's because a person struggles to become stable and independent his whole life. But, it's not easy to get for what you are struggling with. Many times, we have to deal with unpleasant periods. Here, we'll discuss the top jobs turning anyone into a complaining machine.

1. Fashion Industry Manager

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Many workers have agreed that they have never seen a job worse than working in the fashion industry. One shared that he used to work at different events and deal with clients from various industries. The worst clients he met were from the fashion industry. These clients always behaved rudely and demanded extra things quickly, which was quite terrible to deal with.

2. Social Service Manager

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While working in social services, workers should behave politely and have an understanding nature. But, when you join these services, you'll find that everything is the opposite. Many people have shared that they dealt with toxic coworkers while working as a social service manager. They further explained that workload and clients are so rude and unimaginable to deal with. 

3. Investment Banker

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Investment bankers are the professionals who advise firms and corporations about their investments. A contributor commented that all of his seniors treated him like crap when he was working as an investment banker. He always felt sad when he watched his seniors mistreat other people. Another person shared his story by saying once, a senior banker forced him to join the office when the entire city was shut down.

4. Marketer

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You must have met a marketer who tried to make you agree with a thing forcefully. An individual commented that it's so crazy that marketers assume themselves to be perfect in all matters. Another person stated that these people have made social media platforms insufferable. Every marketer shows himself as a self-proclaimed leader and master of his field, which is quite infuriating. 

5. Public School Administrators

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Nearly every teacher has a story to share about the school administration's mismanagement and dishonesty. An individual shared that his dad worked as a teacher for about forty years. In all of his experiences, his dad faced unreal and intolerable attitudes from administrations. One more individual commented that her mother was a nice teacher, but administrators never lost a chance to exploit her.

6. Construction Manager

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Many workers yell at each other about small things while working at construction sites. It is because of the lack of professionalism and unity among all coworkers. One of the contributors shared that he faced too much unprofessional behavior from the management while building a home. He further explained that there was no direct conversation between the boss and on-site workers. All this situation was just a nightmare for him.

7. Politicians

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Politics has become a source of power and fame for the self-indulgent people. The majority of politicians are not considered good leaders by the public. A commenter stated that who wants to rule over the people is the worst option to select as a leader. One more person comments that politics is a magnet for power-hungry egos; you can't trust politicians.

8. Transportation Security Agents

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If you are a traveler, you have an idea about the behavior of TSA agents. Most of them have rude attitudes toward the passengers. A contributor shared that once, a TSA agent confiscated his prescription medicine. After involving a police officer in the matter, he got his medications back. Another traveler mentioned that every airport has different rules, but TSA agents scold you if you're unaware of any single rule there.

9. Low Paying Jobs

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Less educated people working at low salaries are often ready to ruin your day because of their inner frustrations. Understandably, it's difficult to deal with daily expenditures in high inflation with low wages. However, it does not allow anyone to show an impolite attitude to the public. The individual mentioned that parking attendants, mall security, airport security, ticket inspectors, and others are always ready to upset you over little things.

10. Doctor's Receptionist

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Patients often complain about the disrespectful behavior of receptionists. A commenter mentioned that she watched her doctor's receptionist smiling only once, and that was a surprising moment for her. Another individual shares that receptionists never try to understand the problems of patients. These receptionists try to look very busy but become understanding and relaxed when dealing with doctors.

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