10 Intriguing Wikipedia Articles Worth Reading

Wikipedia provides a lot of information on every topic of this world. But here are some fantastic articles. And the reader wants to reread it and feel worthy to refer it to others.

1. Self-Handicapping

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One researcher commented that he came across one eye-opening article. He was finding his study-related pieces when he opened it. This article is about how people make themselves less worthy. They do this by involving in destructive activities. Such people do activities that can hinder their performance—for example, staying late at night during an interview or job the next day. He said he did not know this term before.

2. Sonar Operators To Find Submerged Island

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One commentator shares that he admires the SONAR operator article on Wikipedia. He added he was making an assignment on his subject, hydroacoustics. And he encounters this article. This article provides information on sound waves to detect objects under the water. Even the deep sea bed floor can be accessed with this technology. He gets interested in the subject after reading this article.

3. Fermi Paradox

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This article is mind-baffling. It is written by Enrico Fermi who is an American-Italian Physicist. These articles argue about the life of aliens. It stands between the arguments that there is no evidence of external life. And the likelihood of alien life existence. To solve the Fermi Paradox, many more articles are related as an extension to this article. By reading this article, a new perspective on outer space life is developed.

4. Hedonism

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This article is mentioned by an intellectual psychologist on an online platform. Hedonism is the study of human psychology about pain and pleasure. This article provides information humans want more joy and less pain. Hedonism may be of various types, such as psychological, ethical, axiological, and aesthetic hedonism. This article involves psychological and sexual pleasure. The commentator added that this article is worth reading.

5. Operation Northwood

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For those interested in politics, this article is worthy of them. It was a fake flap operation launched by the US Department of Defence of US. This setup was arranged to call a war against Cuba. The fake US planes were shown to show false information. But all this proposal was refused to accept by President John F. Kennedy.

6. Helicopter Prison Escape

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One must have listened to prison escapes. But escaping prison with the help of a helicopter is creepy. This article also reflects the love of a couple. A businessman named Vaujour was in jail due to his wrongdoings. His wife studied for a long time how to fly a helicopter. She rents one and picks up her husband from the roof of the prison building. But Vaujour was shot in his arm while fleeing. Both get arrested. This article provides the successful people list who attempt a helicopter prison escape.

7. Demon Cat

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This is the most exciting and ridiculous article for readers. It is about a cat which is known as a demon cat or (D.C). This cat was brought to Washington's house to kill rats and mice back in the 1800s. But after the death of this cat, people see it yet. It is a black and mysterious cat. Its presence was seen before the night of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln's death. And people claim it appears a few days before the presidential elections.

8. Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

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This article is full of information. It speaks about the inventors who were killed by their own inventions. It covers all the fields, such as aviation, chemistry, maritime and industrial. Marie Curie is a famous name in chemistry inventions. She died because of aplastic anemia. William Nelson died by falling from the test drive of his invention, a motorized bicycle. Aurel Vlaicu died after his self-constructed plane collapsed into the mountains. There are many other examples in this article.

9. Crayola Crayon Colors

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This article would greatly interest home/ dress designers and jewelry makers. This article provides a vast range of colors. It is more than a thousand. These colors are displayed with names, codes, and their availability. One can choose the colors with universal principles from there.

10. List of Misconceptions

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Some myths are shared with great confidence that they convert into knowledge. This article provides information on the reality of such a few misconceptions. It eliminates these misconceptions. Such as, Santa Clause is not created by the Coca-Cola company. Sign languages are not the same worldwide.

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