10 Odd Theories About Popular TV Shows and Movies That May Be Totally False

If you have spent some hours curious about the endings of your favorite movies, there may be a reason. For several popular shows and movies, there are specific theories that can blow your mind about the whole story. People have made these evidence-based theories that are reliable yet surprising. Let's begin with some old and favorite ones:


Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios.

Jack (The character of Leonardo DiCaprio) is actually a time traveler. Shocked? The theory says that this character was sent back in time to save the life of Rose( Kate Winsellet's Character). When she tries to commit suicide, he comes to ensure that she doesn't jump. If she does, the ship would have to stop, which means the iceberg won't hit it. So, according to theory, the whole movie couldn't continue if Jack hadn't time-traveled.

Harry Potter

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

You must have felt bad when Durseleys were mean to Harry. Well, this theory would change your perception of it. The reason behind being rude to Harry was simple: he's a Horcrux. As we learned in the movie, Ron became cruel and unkind after wearing the necklace for some weeks. And this fact made the Dursleys mean to Harry for a decade.

Toy Story 

Photo Credit: IMDB.

The Sid in Toy Story Original grew up and became the garbage man you have watched in Toy Story 3. The other toys traumatized Sid in the start, which made a sad ending for him. He grew up and became special in fixing toys and collecting them. The theory says that the garbage man wears the same clothes as Sid in the original. Not only this, but he also possesses the same mannerisms. He ensured that every toy that was broken must be fixed.

Peter Pan 

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios.

Well, you must remember the Neverland in Peter Pan. The theory for this land is Peter Pan is a death angel. This means that he takes care of the children who die and pass to the next life. Ultimately, these kids don't grow up as they are all dead. And if you understand the whole sequence of events, it kind of makes sense. To add facts to this theory, one aspect is that Peter shows up near every dying child and takes him or her to heaven.


Aladdin Brad Kane, Scott Weinger
Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

The entire movie is in the future, the theory says. It's actually set in 10,300 AD as the genie asks Aladdin's dress as ‘so third century.' As the genie has been living in the lamp for 10,000 years, it becomes more believable that Alladin is from the 10,300 century. This clearly shows why the dresses the genie wears resemble the pop culture of recent years.

The Rock

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

This might give you a little aww, but this theory claims that Sean Connery's character is the actual James Bond. While spying in the United States, he got caught and spent several years of his life in prison. The FBI director tells Sean that he doesn't exist in either the United States or Great Britain. This directly proves that the code name of James Bond is used for Sean's character.

The Dark Knight Rises

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The death of Batman before seeing Alfred. According to the theory about Batman's death in The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne's character, Batman, dies before using autopilot. To save the city, he turned on the autopilot, and Alfred seeing Batman is just a hallucination. Because of Alfred's long-awaited wish to see the boy he raised happy with Selina, he watches all this in his hallucination.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future (1985)
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

During the first test of time travel, Doc. Brown was all set to die. As we have seen, all of the previous experiments have been complete failures for Doc Brown. He decides to die in this last attempt at time-traveling. So, he stands in the front and, along with Marty, goes on the trip. Fortunately, the experiment succeeds, and they enjoy memorable adventures together.


Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

The whole celebration was only to honor the dead Ghostbusters. Yes, you heard that. The theory claims that the Ghostbusters died while crossing the streams of proton packs. We all learned in the first Ghostbusters that streams are deadly, and it's almost impossible to cross them alive. So, while crossing the streams, they died, and the whole city doesn't remember them in the second movie.


Inception Leonardo DiCaprio, Elliot Page
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Cobb, Leonardo Decaprio's character, has used the spinning top as his token in the movie. However, the theory insists that the actual token was his wedding ring. This supports the narrative that he wasn't dreaming and found his children in real life.

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