10 of the World’s Ugliest Cities (According to Travelers)

Some cities are blessed with a lot of perks. And some cities do not even have one. Some people shared such cities on an online platform that are declared ugly.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexico City is ranked as one of the ugliest cities in the world. It is a very popular city rich in culture, cuisine, and historical events. But many negative factors can not be ignored. Rape cases, high crime rate, corrupt corruption, and air pollution. Kidnapping and murder are most prominent in Mexico. All these elements make Mexico City a bad city. 

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil

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One participant mentioned Sao Paulo, a city in Brazil. This city is a metropolitan city with great hustle and bustle. There are large office buildings and blocks. The smog, pollution, and stuck traffic contribute to the ugliness of this city. Foreigners and visitors avoid this when they visit Brazil.

3. Mumbai, India

Local people eating street food in an average street of south Mumbai, India, Asia.
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Mumbai is the capital city of India. This city has all the main sectors, headquarters, and office buildings. This city holds a large portion of the total population of India. Mumbai has been ranked as 3rd most polluted city. The traffic jam and noise is a prominent feature of Mumbai. The poverty rate and crime rate are also high in this city. All these factors rank Mumbai in the ugliest cities. 

4. Guangzhou, China

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One commentator stated that living in Guangzhou is a big challenge in life. The racist environment of this city is harsh. The housing societies are in bad condition. The houses are even worse. Bad food and healthcare are added to its ugly features. The great smog is also a prominent element of Guanzhou.

5. Tuva, Russia

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Russia is a very powerful and strong country. Almost all countries of this city are peaceful and beautiful. But Tuva is not entitled to these attributes. The Russian media call this place the most dangerous place to visit in this country. It is high in crimes, low in healthcare and water quality. The poverty rate is also very high in this city. That is why this city has nothing to see or visit.

6. Nagoya, Japan

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Nagoya, a city in Japan, is a boring and dull city. According to Japan Times, this city is considered the most boring city in Japan. There are no cultural and historical resources in this country. It does not have delicious cuisine or beautiful landscapes to offer its visitors. 

7. Naples, Italy

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Naples is the ugliest city in Italy. And it is holding this title since the 1990s. This city is rich in landfills and solid waste. It is also considered the poorest city in Europe. Unemployment and poor health make this city even worse. Many areas of this city are declared unsafe.

8. Bakersfield, California

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The air of Bakersfield, a city in California, is also ranked in the list of ugliest cities. The air in this city is so much polluted. Breathing in this air can create irritation to the eyes and throat. The temperature is hot enough to create sweating within 10 minutes. This city is known as the hometown of crimes. Every street in this city is blessed with dead animals. That is why people call this a bad city to live in.

9. Cleveland, Ohio

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All three negative titles are awarded to Cleveland, Ohio: poverty, unemployment, and high crime rate. One study ranks this city as 5th worst city in the world. Walking on roads at night is not safe. Snatching, robbing, and rapping are common there. Travel Worldwide also highlighted this city in the list of not to visit.

10. Detroit, Michigan

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This city has nothing to offer in terms of landscapes and scenes. The residents of Detroit are leaving the city due to its ugly features. Nobody is safe in this city. No one can develop while living in this city because it lacks security and employment opportunities. 

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