10 Intriguing Cultural Practices That Aren’t Normal Everywhere

In every corner of the world, a treasure of cultural bizarreness and unusual practices awaits foreigners and travelers.

From the daily life routines to the exotic dishes served on the tables, a world of wonders unfolds.

Below are ten intriguing behaviors that oppose the ordinary norms of society, shedding light on the diversity of human expression and the boundaries it challenges.

1. Addressing Women as Girls 

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In professional settings, words such as “Miss” and “Madam” address professional women. However, some prefer to title women “Girls”. As added by one of the users, the cringe that comes from this entitlement is off the chart. It's especially true in virtual meetings where these boundaries are usually transcended. Such titles ruin the professionalism for which women work. Although such titles are used to make the environment more comfortable, they are considered inappropriate among professional women.

2. Extreme Body Modification

Beautiful Bald Woman
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Extreme body modifications encompass practices like piercings, tattoos, and scarification. While body modification is becoming increasingly common, emphasized by a user, it still raises concerns, especially from conservative people, and can be viewed as an act of rebellion or self-expression. People who engage in such changes usually attempt to challenge traditional societal beauty norms.

3. Proving the Skills

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The recent years have witnessed some changes in the traditional patriarchal system, too. But still, women are struggling to tarnish this cycle. As mentioned by another commenter, most men consider themselves “superior” in a specific field and look down on others, especially on women. The unsupportive environment and obstacles accompanied by their attitudes make things tough. Although there have been some changes in such attitudes, they are witnessed in many areas.

4. Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

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Showing intimacy to one partner publicly by kissing and hugging or more explicit acts isn't accepted by every culture. There exist some societies where hand-holding in public is still considered inappropriate. Raised this point by an individual: while affection is an essential aspect of human relationships, there is a need to balance personal expression and respect local customs to avoid any frustration and disappointment from others.

5. Public Intoxication

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Public intoxication, a sign of frailty or a lack of self-control, is linked with misdemeanor offenses for which many societies have framed laws to deal with it. As pointed out by a participant, while enjoying a drink in public is acceptable in many places, crossing the line into drunkenness may challenge societal norms. That's why there is a need to create and make a Responsible drinking attitude to maintain a harmonious balance.

6. Loud or Boisterous Behavior

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Behaviors like talking loudly, laughing uproariously, or singing off-key can disrupt the tranquility of public spaces. In some cultures, this is considered rude and disruptive. A point raised by another contributor is that such practices are not ethical; it doesn't express one's happiness but disrupt others. While self-expression is encouraged, it is necessary to be aware of one's surroundings and considerate of those sharing the space to avoid any bitterness.

7. Unconventional Clothing Choices

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Wearing strange or revealing clothing can be a form of self-expression or challenge societal norms. Added a fashion lover, from outlandish costumes to provocative outfits, fashion is highly subjective, and what is considered taboo varies across cultures. People who embrace unique styles often do so to break free from conventional expectations. But their respective societies backlash against them due to the “unconventional approach” opted by them. 

8. Talking to Strangers

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In some cultures, for those who prioritize personal space and privacy, initiating conversations with strangers is discouraged, especially those of the opposite gender. Added by a fellow contributor, it's a social norm rooted in cultural traditions and preferences for personal boundaries. Although it was a strong norm of conservative societies, there is a shift in this practice since the world has become a “global village,” and without communication, survival is impossible.

9. Eating Unusual Foods

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People worldwide have diverse tastes when it comes to food. Some may indulge in foods that are considered exotic or bizarre by others. It may include consuming insects, live animals, or unconventional animal parts. Accentuated by a food lover, culinary preferences vary widely, and what's deemed “nasty” in one society may be a delicacy in another. The presumptions of what's tasty and not may hinder one's taste buds from exploring.

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10. Breaking Other Social Taboos

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Breaking social taboos encompasses various behaviors, from swearing in public to using profanity. What's considered unacceptable varies from culture to culture. As the final user-added, these behaviors can challenge societal norms and provoke reactions ranging from discomfort to outrage. Thus, there is a need to respect the boundaries and standards of other cultures to avoid any frustrating events.

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