10 Places Travelers Wouldn’t Visit Even If They Were Paid

Ten travelers share places they never want to visit.

1. Dubai

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Expressing concern for ethical issues, a mindful advocate hesitates to visit Dubai due to the city's history of labor exploitation. They take a conscientious stance, highlighting their reservations about supporting a destination that has faced criticism for its treatment of workers.

2. Egypt

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With a focus on personal safety, wanderlust enthusiast states their willingness to visit any country as long as they feel secure. However, they specifically mention their reluctance to visit Egypt without explaining their decision.

3. Ireland

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Displaying a strong negative sentiment, a passionate traveler vehemently expresses their aversion to revisiting Ireland. They describe it as a place with negative connotations and an unpleasant atmosphere, indicating a negative personal experience or perception.

4. Netherlands

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Expressing a firm opinion, an intrepid explorer declares their refusal to visit the Netherlands even if tempted by a significant sum of money. They label the country boring, attributing their lack of interest to a perceived absence of engaging activities or attractions. While acknowledging its safety, they convey a sense of monotony associated with the destination.

5. Russia

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Citing a specific concern, an informed voyager states their decision to avoid visiting Russia, regardless of financial incentives. They mention an alarming claim about a small area where random women are purportedly kidnapped and forced into marriage. This disturbing information shapes their choice to steer clear of traveling to Russia.

6. USA

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Offering a detailed explanation, a seasoned globetrotter asserts their unwillingness to visit the USA, even when enticed by a substantial amount of money. They outline the perceived hassles of the travel process, including visa requirements, questioning by US authorities, and the long plane journey. Additional factors, such as childcare responsibilities, contribute to their reluctance. They mention applying similar logic to other countries, although accessibility may be a determining factor.

7. New Zealand

Palmerston North, New Zealand
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Expressing their reservations, an avid adventurer voices reluctance to visit New Zealand, even in the face of a considerable financial incentive. They highlight unappealing aspects, such as reversed seasons compared to their accustomed climate and unpadded football, contrasting their preference for a different style. Their tone suggests annoyance, alluding to a perceived sense of superiority among New Zealanders.

8. Iran

Freedom Monument known as Azadi Tower or Borj-e Azadi tower and cultural complex reflecting in a pond at sunset, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
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Sharing a deeply held aversion, a discerning voyager firmly expresses their decision to avoid visiting Iran, even when offered a substantial sum of money. They base their perspective on interactions with successful refugees from Iran who resettled in the United States. These encounters and following international news solidify their belief that visiting Iran would be unwise and potentially dangerous.

9. Pakistan

Nanga Parbat reflected in a pond at Fairy Meadows. The world's ninth highest mountain towering above idyllic alpine scenery in Northern Pakistan.
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Addressing concerns related to security, a vigilant traveler strongly expresses reluctance to visit Pakistan, dismissing any suggestion of racism and emphasizing specific apprehensions about terrorism in the country. They distinguish between Muslims and the security situation in Pakistan, using those concerns as a basis for their decision to avoid a visit.

10. Poland

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With a cautionary tone, an experienced wayfarer firmly advises against visiting Poland without providing explicit reasons for their stance. Their statement is firm, leaving the reader to interpret the user's perspective or seek further information if desired.

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