10 Things with Confusing Names That Puzzle Us

Have you seen a word/phrase whose literal meaning confused you with its figurative connotation? There is an abundance of such words/phrases in the English language. On an online platform, people share some poorly named things that will leave you wondering.

1. Head Over Heels

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At first, it looks like a chunk of the Biological class notes, but it is a famous phrase. It means “Completely and deeply fell in love.” When we are always “head over heels,” what makes a connection with love? Thanks to the user who said the “Real” version was “Heels over the head” to describe someone somersaulting or flipping. But its wrong use by an author made the trend, and it started to express deep feelings of affection.

2. JavaScript or Just Java?

Hooded unrecognizable hacker and cyber criminal working on laptop, programming bugs and viruses for computers, matrix like code is overlaying image

Another user pointed out the Interesting confusion that recruiters are often caught between “Java” and “JavaScript.” Although they both are programming languages, they serve different purposes. “Java” is a platform-independent program language used in Android app development. Whereas, “JavaScript” is used for web development

3. Driveway

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A driveway is a private road that connects a house/garage with a public highway. Cars are parked on the Driveway, but shouldn't it be the “Starting Point” as it is a DRIVE WAY? One of the contributors came up with an intriguing question that sparked curiosity. But still, its name reflects the function of “Driveway” as a passage for driving into one property.

4. Parkway

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An open-landscaped, scenic road that refreshes one mind through greenery. Cars drive through the parkway, but why don't they Stop as it is a “PARKWAY?”. An individual gives an entertaining analogy. But still, the parkway is an area where driving is recreational and leads people to their destiny. 

5. Mountain Chicken

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A synonym used for the “Giant Ditch Frog”. Pointed out by a Commenter, it is the exciting title of one of the frog species. What makes them a “Mountain Chicken” is answered by the commonly held belief that it tastes like a chicken. It was “preyed” as a delicacy by the natives of Montserrat and Dominica, where it is found.

6. Sweet Bread

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There is a dish in Iranian cuisine typically prepared using either the thymus or pancreas of a calf or lamb. Often misunderstood as a baked bread with sugary content, it is rich and savory, not “sweet” in taste. One foodie pointed out that it got the “sweet” name because the glands (thymus and pancreas) have mild mineral flavors besides their tenderness, which food historians suggest is the reason behind their name. 

7. Nut Butter

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It's not a butter that has nuts, but the thick texture that, after grinding nuts, makes them a “substitute.” The ingredients and nutrients are also different from the original butter. But another user added that it's SO thick that one cannot believe it's “Not a Butter.”

8. The Common Brown Snake

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It's half true, but half NOT. The Common Brown Snake is a snake common in some areas of Australia. But it can have other colors, too, besides “Brown.” It can range from black, reddish-brown to grey. But it is one of the venomous snake species; that's why one of the contributors mentioned that it must be “The Venomous Brown Snake” rather than “The Common Brown Snake.”

9. Bi-Monthly

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A common word that always demands clarity upon its utterance. One meaning is “every two months,” and the other is “twice a month.” One of the commenters suggested why they use such ambiguous words in communication. That's a point, but it's a common phrase, especially in the formal setting: hard to change but not impossible.

10. Walkies Talkies

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Walking while talking? True! It's a portable, two-way radio communication device used in various settings, such as outdoor activities, construction sites, and emergencies. A final user suggested it's not an “appropriate name,” especially in the formal context, because it's a slang word. That's why it is also named “Two-way radio.”

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

Get access to my FREE guide now.