10 Things People Thought Existed, But Don’t

It's amazing what we can make ourselves believe when we don't know any better. Here are ten sure things you thought existed but really do not.

1. From Fear to Harmony: Dogs and Cats

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As memories flood back, a lone wanderer recalls a peculiar belief they once held as a child. In their youthful naivete, they believed that dogs had a voracious appetite for cats, seeing them as little more than snacks on four legs. However, as they grew older and wiser, they realized that dogs and cats could indeed live together in harmony without any need for feline fear or canine cravings.

2. Memory Malfunction: Nonexistent Movie

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A cinema enthusiast was absolutely convinced that they had seen “The Incredibles 2” long ago, despite any evidence to the contrary. So convinced were they that they even called up a video store to rent the nonexistent film. The helpful clerk went along with the charade, pretending to search for the movie, but ultimately the film buff had to admit that their memory was flawed and that perhaps they had never actually seen the movie.

3. Vanished Innovation: Cordless-Corded Tool

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Nostalgia sets in as an innovation enthusiast reminisces about a peculiar invention from decades past. The device in question was a cordless tool that could be used as a corded tool when the battery died. The innovation aficionado is nearly certain that Craftsman was the company that produced these unique tools, but despite their vivid recollections, they have yet to find any evidence of their existence. This invention has vanished without a trace, leaving only memories behind.

4. Clearing Up Misconceptions: Harriet Tubman

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A history buff reflects on a childhood misunderstanding of American history. They once believed that Harriet Tubman had built an underground railroad system to help enslaved people escape across the country. However, as they grew older, they learned that the term “underground railroad” was merely a metaphor for a network of secret routes and safe houses used by abolitionists to aid in the escape of enslaved people seeking freedom.

5. Lost in Translation: Fictional City

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A bookworm with a wild imagination once believed that there was a city or country capital called “Arkistokuvaa,” which translates to “archive footage” in Finnish. Their misconception stemmed from an early mastery of reading, as they had seen the phrase on TV news in the same overlay and font as a city name. It wasn't until six years later that they finally realized the truth: there was no such place as “Arkistokuvaa.”

6. Dispelling the Myth: Viking Helmets

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For years, the image of Viking warriors wearing horned helmets has been widely popularized in movies, books, and cartoons. However, a history buff reveals that this portrayal is nothing but a myth. Despite what pop culture has depicted, there is no evidence that Viking helmets had horns. In fact, the myth may have been influenced by 19th-century opera costumes.

7. Childhood Dinosaur Dreams: Extinction

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As a young adventurer, one dinosaur enthusiast was convinced that prehistoric beasts still roamed the world, lurking on the other side of the mountain range where they lived. However, as they grew older and wiser, they learned that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, leaving only fossils and bones behind as a reminder of their existence.

8. The Price of Play: Legos' Value

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As a Lego fanatic, one person remembers thinking that there must be a cheaper knock-off version of the beloved toy because of its high price tag. But looking back, they now realize how much money their parents must have spent on the entire Lego sets, which were undoubtedly worth every penny.

9. Growing Up: Unexpected Obstacles

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Dreamer remembers their childhood as a time when they believed growing up would be an effortless and straightforward process. But as they became an adult, they discovered that the journey to maturity is full of unexpected challenges and difficulties that can sometimes be overwhelming. Despite the struggles, the user remains hopeful and determined to navigate life's obstacles.

10. When Fantasies Fly: Flying Whales

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After watching Fantasia 2000, a fantasy lover spent a good chunk of their childhood believing that whales could fly. They envisioned majestic whales soaring through the sky, unaware that this idea was nothing more than a flight of fancy. As they grew older and wiser, they realized that whales could not fly and could only swim gracefully in the water.

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