10 Signs That Your Partner Is Not ‘The One’

Although years can be insufficient to judge someone's personality, sometimes a few moments open up the intentions and nature of the next person. The same happens with most people who realize their favorite person is not the same as they think. Here are the top moments when people realized their partner was not ‘the one ‘they wished for.

1. Marriage of a Young Couple

Marriage proposal.
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Marrying young can be a good idea if you're emotionally and financially stable. But it can ruin all your dreams if you have to chase your goals and targets yet. A woman shared her experience by saying that her boyfriend wanted to marry her when she turned eighteen. But when she attended the marriage ceremony of an eighteen-year-old couple, she realized that early marriage would destroy her dreams. She would lose her freedom after marriage, so she decided to end her relationship.

2. Exaggerated Illogical Response

Woman Annoyed by Man
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Lack of understanding and emotional reactions often become the reason for breakups. Respect and giving other people a space are needed to ensure a happy relationship. If you're angry at something, it does not mean you can hurt your partner by disrespecting her/him. An individual shared he decided to get rid of the relationship when his girlfriend tore his beautifully sketched painting over a pointless fight. 

3. Weird Attitude or Behavior

Woman upset with boyfriend walking away from her on the beach
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Compatibility is the foremost thing required for a long-term relationship. If your thoughts, aims, and nature vary greatly from your partner, you're more likely to face relationship failure. Besides compatibility, sometimes we notice extremely illogical and weird behavior from the next person that forces us to get rid of that person. The same happened with one of our contributors, who mentioned that her girlfriend hated it when he was not with her. But she also never became happy when he was with her.

4. Cheating in a Relationship

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Time is the best companion for unveiling people's loyalty. Sometimes, our best friends leave us in our distress and difficult times. Similarly, in certain circumstances, our loved ones try to use us. Such people don't hesitate to hurt and cheat you when you get an opportunity. An individual mentioned that she found his boyfriend cheating on her when she was dealing with her brother's suicide. Those moments were pathetic and difficult to pass for her.

5. Discouraging Reaction at Success

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In today's culture, where everyone wants to compete and win over others, you'll hardly find someone happy with your success. Such toxic living ways have damaged the values of real love. Every single person is on the way to making himself superior by destroying others' struggles. One of the commentators mentioned that she decided to quit the relationship when she realized that her partner always got angry about her success. 

6. Throwing Tantrums Pointlessly

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It's okay to avoid opportunities and efforts made by others if you're really not comfortable with them. But throwing tantrums without any reason to hurt others is an immoral act. A girl commented that her boyfriend started throwing tantrums at her face when she bought a surprise for him. Her boyfriend made her feel that the surprise was useless to him. At that time, she realized that she should run far away from that toxic relationship.

7. Screaming in the Public

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When you respect others, it depicts your educated and polite personality. People with good intellectual abilities know they can never disrespect others, even if they have made mistakes. The person who wishes for people always to respect him and believes he has the right to devalue others will never prove a decent personality. A commentator mentioned that she broke up when her boyfriend started screaming unfairly at her publicly.

8. Ghosting Without a Reason

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Sometimes, a person needs a break from everything to normalize things. Fluctuations in circumstances can have adverse effects on a person's mental health that force him to take a break. But what do you do when someone ends the contact with you intentionally without any reason? This attitude depicts that the next person is no longer interested in you. A boy commented that he had broken up his relationship when he realized her girlfriend had ghosted him intentionally.

9. Ignorance of Others Opinion

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When you're in a relationship, you have to make decisions based on mutual understanding. You can't dominate every matter without paying attention to your partner's opinion. When you wish that everyone follows your rules according to your will, your relationships are at risk. A contributor commented that she decided to get rid of her relationship when she realized that her boyfriend had never accepted a ‘No' from her on any random matter. 

10. Making Fun in Public

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Using others as a source of entertainment is the worst fun you can ever get. You can never know which words you used to make fun of the next person. It can destroy a person's personality and confidence and can prove to be a long-term disaster for him. An individual mentioned that once, she made some mistake in her makeup when getting ready for a friend's marriage ceremony. His boyfriend noticed that mistake but tried to hide it just to make fun of her in public. The same day, she decided to break up with his boyfriend.

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