10 Scary Things People Have Experienced During the Night

Somebody can ignore scary things as much as a person can during the day, but at night, the light is less; therefore, the complicated stuff attracts the most.

There could be a possibility that something is actually around you, but it could also be because it's just an illusion of the mind. It can also be because a person has had some fear in his mind for a long time, and because of that, they see scary things around him. 

1. A Hand Waving Outside the Window

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People who live alone at home or are asleep after watching a horror movie or drama at night often imagine someone waving at them outside the door and window. Sometimes, living in a place that has been closed for a long time allows such things to settle there, but when the fear of these things settles in the hearts and minds of some people, they see someone around them in the mid of the night. 

2. Moving Door Handle

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Many people have experienced that those who live far away from populated areas or live alone in their homes at night encounter things that are either far from the truth or quite scary. When listening to the experience of many people who have faced someone trying to open their door at around 2 a.m., no one is there when they go and check. 

3. Strange Noises

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Every person has something heard strange sounds at night, which they have not explained to anyone because words are lacking to describe them. If they hear strange sounds during the day, they may not be given any attention, but it becomes scary if the same sound starts coming at night. 

4. Door Smacking

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If there is a smack on the door at night, it presents a scary scene. It can be due to some reasons, such as a strong wing due to which the door can open and close by itself. If someone's home is on an uneven surface, the door itself can move. Some people have experienced that the doors start smacking even without wind or other natural things—the story of some haunted houses. 

5. Animals Behave Strangely

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When talking about animals, they have the power to see or hear things that an average human cannot see or hear. Many people have experienced their pets behaving strangely at night, with dogs barking furiously and cats snarling. 

6. Man's Shadow

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Every person must have seen some shadows in their life that are of different shapes, but when midnight is almost over, some of them start to appear, which are very scary, and because of these shadows, many people often get scared. When various people were asked about their experiences, people gave their own opinion. Some people found these shadows to be of strange shapes, and some said they were human figures that stayed around them for a long time. 

7. Glowing Eyes in the Darkness

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In the darkness of night, such shining objects are often seen, which people think of as ghosts or something else. They are entirely different from this, but people's fear forces them to think of ghosts. Because of that fear, people believed that the person with glowing eyes was seeing them. 

8. Flash of Light

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Often in the darkness of light, the frequent occurrence of lightning or the sudden appearance of some light from a place scares a person a lot, and flashes of lightning in the sky without bad weather make a person suspicious. 

9. Creepy Phone Calls

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If someone's phone suddenly starts ringing after midnight and no one on the other end answer or a person answers with a creepy voice, it scares a person a lot, even if the average person is on the other side, but if scared of an average person. 

10. The Shower Turns on by Itself

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Due to some malfunction, if the shower in the bathroom of people starts flowing automatically or a drop of water starts falling from it, people are much more afraid in the middle of the night. There may be some paranormal activity in their house.

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