10 Surprising Things That People Are Okay With Stealing

Some people think it's fine to steal these things.

1. Streaming Services vs. Piracy Dilemma

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In a bold stance, one user shared their opinion on the current state of streaming services, arguing for the appropriateness of pirating TV series and movies due to these platforms' increasing fragmentation and cost.

2. Ethics: Stealing From Mega Corporations

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Expressing a distinctive viewpoint, an individual justified their belief that appropriating from multibillion-dollar organizations is morally acceptable while not condoning theft in other cases. They argued that these corporations' excessive luxury and sway validate taking from them, although this standpoint may conflict with legal and ethical standards against theft in all circumstances.

3. Pine Cones in Lake Tahoe Mystery

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With an intriguing perspective, a participant focused on pine cones, particularly highlighting restrictions on collecting them in Lake Tahoe. While acknowledging the specific prohibition on harvesting pine cones due to their ecological significance, the enthusiast recognized the potential existence of special circumstances or licenses that permit their gathering. This viewpoint emphasizes the importance of understanding and adhering to local restrictions when collecting natural elements in specific areas.

4. Ethics of Government Money

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Expressing dissatisfaction with government funds, a dissenter conveyed their belief that such funds are essentially the individuals' own gains. They voiced dissatisfaction with the amount of their income deducted as taxes and urged that the government restore the money to the individuals who earned it. This individual reflects discontent with the current tax structure and desires greater personal control over one's income.

5. Nonchalant Attitude Towards Women's Product Theft

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Offering their perspective on taking women's items without paying, an employee shared a nonchalant attitude based on their experience working at a drug store. The comment implies that the person does not consider it a significant issue or cause for concern, possibly indicating a lack of strict enforcement or consequences for such behavior in their workplace.

6. Legality Question: Microsoft Office and Nintendo Games

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Expressing their belief, an advocate stated their acceptance of acquiring Microsoft Office and Nintendo games without paying for them. The comment suggests a willingness to engage in piracy or unauthorized downloading of software and games from these companies.

7. Hobby Lobby Controversies and Theft Justification

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A critic voiced that appropriating anything from Hobby Lobby is justified, citing alleged involvement in illicit activities and controversial policies. The commenter implies a perception of the company engaging in unethical practices, such as collaborating with individuals involved in the illegal trade of historical artifacts and imposing restrictions on employee access to birth control.

8. Casual Approach To Acquiring Lighters and Pens

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Nonchalantly mentioning their perspective, an individual expressed their feeling that taking lighters and pens is acceptable without much concern. They suggest a casual attitude towards these items, implying a belief that they are easily replaceable or of minimal consequence if taken without permission.

9. The Debate Over Sharing Positive Thoughts

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Asserting the importance of freely sharing positive thoughts and ideas for mental well-being, an advocate argued that uplifting concepts should be accessible to everyone without restrictions or limitations. They emphasized the value of embracing and disseminating these positive ideas.

10. Free Advertising: “Stolen From Xyz” Pens

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Offering a unique perspective, a visionary suggested that it is acceptable to take pens from companies that label them as “stolen from XYZ.” They view it as a form of free advertising for the company, considering it an expected expense on their part.

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