10 Suspicious Signs That Someone Might Not Be Mentally Alright

Regarding daily encounters, looking out for those in a mental health crisis is important. Identifying some of these markers at an early stage can help provide the required assistance and emotional support. Following is a list of 10 indicators that highlight that someone is struggling mentally.

1. Personal Hygiene

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A noticeable lack of personal hygiene could become a sign of underlying mental health problems. If an individual does not take basic grooming steps like showering or changing clothes, he is sad and feels low self-esteem. As added by a user, he noticed that my friend who used to pay a lot of attention to their look didn't care lately about their hygiene. I started to worry about his well-being.

2. Hyper-sensitivity

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Those with heightened sensitivity are prone to an intense reaction to every minor trigger or criticism. Such people may start avoiding social communication to escape the supposed threats and discomfort, hence becoming lonely. A  second user noted that his coworker has started becoming defensive and reacting strongly to even constructive feedback. It makes me wonder if they are having a hard time.

3. Difficulty Making Simple Decisions

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Sometimes, it may be a sign of mental overload or anxiety when one cannot make a decision. Individuals physically experiencing mental stress may find it difficult to concentrate or prioritize tasks, even as simple as what to eat for lunch. A concerned commenter mentioned that his sibling has always been decisive, but now, even minor choices seem to overwhelm them.

4. Speech Patterns

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Changes in speech style, for example, rapid speech, slurred words, or disjointed thoughts, might be one of the mental health indicators, such as anxiety or cognitive impairment. Another commenter mentioned that he had observed that his neighbor was talking very fast and having difficulty articulating their thoughts. This is different from what they usually do; I am worried.

5. Isolation

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Withdrawal from social interactions is often one of the indicators that preparation for suicide is happening. Isolation may increase feelings of loneliness and contribute to further problems. A contributor stated that his neighbor used to be outgoing, but lately, they only peek from behind their apartment door. I'm afraid that he might be under some stressful conditions.

6. Same Thing Over and Over

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Constant questioning and obsession with particular issues may reflect the dysfunction of mental health. It usually occurs because of anxiety or the desire to get it all answered, reflecting the difficulties in dealing with emotions. As noted by a commenter, his coworker keeps coming back to him with the same questions again, even after I've responded. It seems like they are stuck on some thought.

7. Disturbed Sleeping Routine

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Disruptions in the sleep routine are a common feature of emotional strain. Lack of sleep, oversleeping, or waking often in the nighttime may be symptoms of deeper psychological problems. Another contributor revealed that Once parents used to have a regular sleep schedule, but now they do not; I think they are not in a good mood now,

8. Disturbed Diet

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An abrupt change in the style of eating can be a symptom of emotional problems – like overeating or the loss of hunger. Major changes to food habits may imply difficulties regarding mental health. As described by the contributor, his cousin appears to be losing weight and has hardly eaten anything recently. It is completely out of character for him.

9. Sudden Changes in Behavior

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Some changes in behavior that are not like usual for the person, like mood swings or impulsivity, might indicate that the person undergoes a lot of pressure mentally. As claimed by a commenter, his roommate has changed unpredictably from always happy to sometimes withdrawn in moments. This is a disturbing change.

10. Lack of Motivation

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A decrease in any inspiration or enjoyment in the activities that used to be important can be a symptom of depression or emotional features. A loss of drive towards interests or even work projects may be a reflection of someone who is suffering mentally. As added by the last user, his friend used to be passionate about his hobby, but now he doesn't seem interested. He hopes he's OK.

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