Manly Golddigger? 10 Tales of Men and Their Wealthy Partners

Financial compatibility in a relationship matters a lot for its success. Such relationships where the woman earns a 7-figure income and the man is still in his struggling phase rarely work. Multiple people who caught themselves in such a scenario had discussed their dating life on an online platform. While most had a failed history, a few even got their happy ending. Let’s have a look!

1. Courtside Romance Turned Into Airport Drama 

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The love story of a middle-class NBA player and a random rich girl had an interesting beginning but ended on an equally absurd point. She would laden him with gifts and pay for everything that he wanted. But it turns out that all this was just an excuse to treat the man badly. He shared how the girl physically assaulted him at the airport and was escorted by the police. For him, that was their last meeting, fortunately. 

2. Got Paid for Betrayals

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A man who dated a rich woman shared how his partner pacified him with expensive gifts whenever she committed a mistake. His moment of realization came when she planned a fancy dinner together just a few hours after he caught her red-handed for cheating. For him, it felt like he was getting money to be fine with her affairs. 

3. When Hefty YouTube Income Broke off a Relationship

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Not everyone bears the bad behavior of their life partner just because they earn a substantial amount of money. This tale of a man who left a girl who earned seven figures from YouTube and owned two houses is evidence of it. While she covered all major expenses, her conduct with the guy wasn’t as good and became the major reason for their breakup. 

4. An Argument About Finances Brought Trouble in Paradise 

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Someone from NYC shared about their love life, where the girl earned $240k more than him. With her upscale lifestyle, she hated going to casual places and always went to expensive eateries. While everything was going fine, an argument soon snapped him to a realization that the relationship had no potential future. She mentioned a lot of things that were wrong with the guy, which also included the huge difference in their earnings. 

5. When Love Overpowered Financial Differences 

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Money corrupts but not all – this quote perfectly describes the story of a user who has been happily married to a rich woman for over six years. According to him, his wife and her family never boasted about their wealth and even paid for his higher education as a wedding gift. 

6. When Wealth Dominated Love

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A man who’s happily married to his partner for 20 years now shared about his ex-girlfriend who was obsessed with her bank balance. While he was working full-time and doing fine financially, she wanted him to catch up with her net worth. The irony was that she had inherited all her expensive properties from her father. 

7. A Dating Tale of a Self-Made Millionaire Woman 

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Someone shared about dating a self-made woman who earned ten times more than him. And what set her apart was the fact that she used to save more than she earned, unlike other rich individuals. The guy went on praising her determined attitude. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but not because of the money issues. The man was in the struggling phase of his career and had to stay away from home for long periods. 

8. Transformation of Love Into Fortune

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An individual got lucky with his love life even when he was dating a girl who was not rich initially. He shared how her mom remarrying a wealthy guy changed their lives for good. This transformation had them travel in private planes to live at beach houses for vacations and more. The good part is that they are married now and leading a happy life together. 

9. The Dilemma of Age Gap 

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Someone shared the story of their not-so-conventional relationship where the woman was eight years older than the guy. While she was generous and had a straightforward personality, it turns out she was with him just because of his genetics. The woman wanted kids and made it clear to the guy within two months of their relationship.

10. Vibes Over Bank Balance 

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A college graduate dated a rich girl with expensive fashion choices, a luxury car, and a huge river house. While she herself was earning a minimum wage, it was her family’s wealth that she showed off. According to the guy, he ended the relationship in just four months as he could not click with the girl. He does ponder sometimes about how he’d be able to retire the same day if they got married. But alas, for him, vibes mattered over the bankroll.

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