10 Instances Where Advice From Older People Should Be Ignored

Taking invaluable pieces of advice from elders and experienced people makes life easier to understand. Trusting the lifelong lessons of mature people can solve problems at a certain level. But, when it comes to practical life, some generalizations could be more truthful. People have shared their thoughts and emotions about such terrible pieces of advice online.

1. Not Taking No for an Answer

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In retail jobs and most customer service policies, employees must follow some unwanted rules. For instance, an employer shared how he felt when he was told not to take no for an answer when it comes to customers. Compelling customers to buy the products was part of the advice from his employer. He couldn’t convince his customers as some people didn’t want to purchase. He left the job as it was terrible not to take no for an answer.

2. Ignoring the Bullies

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Not stopping any kind of harassment or bullying could be dangerous. A mom asked her daughter to ignore the bullies in her school. Her daughter was convinced that ignoring wouldn’t stop them from teasing her. One day, she decided to get back on them. She came home and told her mother that she had stopped them from bullying by beating them; ignoring was terrible advice.

3. Not Taking Revenge

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Sometimes, people just wish to return to the past and change some moments. A forty-year-old man expressed his feelings about an unpleasant event in the past. When he was in high school, he wanted to be a nice guy and didn’t take revenge on bullies in senior class. He shared that he wished to go back and would try not to be a lovely student and get back on them. It could make his life better at school.

4. Just Being One’s Self

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Improving personality and adopting better habits should change everyone’s mindset. An employee expressed her thoughts that some people need to work on themselves, as their habits could be annoying. Not only this, some of her coworkers were rude, and when any of the coworkers advised them to “be yourself,” she always wanted to say ‘be a better version of yourself.’

5. Lawyers Give Free Sessions

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People who have visited law firms for any of their cases would agree to this. A man said that lawyers never give free sessions; they just want to know whether the case is worth it or not. They never give free consultancy or legal advice as it won’t fill their pockets. So, believing that lawyers offer free services wasn’t genuine.

6. Forgiving and Forgetting

man begging for forgiveness
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Letting problematic things go or forgiving the mistakes of others is just making things easier. But forgetting what happened isn’t that helpful. A divorced woman advised everyone not to forget what happened after forgiving somebody. It could result in repeating the same mistake, so forgive and forget aren’t truthful advice.

7. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

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While suffering from leukemia, a patient shared her thoughts that this advice doesn’t make sense. Suffering from disease was making her weak every day, and someone advised her to be strong as this disease wasn’t killing her. She was furious and said that this inaccurate thing should be banned.

8. Don’t Give Up

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Being courageous is good, but sometimes it’s okay to feel low. A mother asked her son to tell her the reason for his sadness. He cried and told her that he was feeling fragile and wanted to give up on his degree. She knew what her son needed. He applied for an internship, and he couldn’t be more happy. It’s alright to give up on some matters.

9. Avoiding All Kinds of Debts

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Using debt as a tool and bringing benefits from it isn’t that difficult. A small business owner was asked to avoid every type of debt when starting a business. But he knew what he could by utilizing it accurately. Moreover, it brought numerous benefits to his business.

10. Get Over It Sooner

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Moving on isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. A girl broke up with his boyfriend on her birthday after three years of a relationship. Her friends asked her to get over the matter and move on. She got angry as it wasn’t easier for her. She then realized that this advice of ‘getting over instantly’ wasn’t that correct.

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