10 Things People Have Lost Respect For

People have lost respect for these 10 things.

1. Disillusionment With Better Business Bureau

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Highlighting a shift in perception, an astute observer draws attention to the Better Business Bureau, formerly regarded as an independent agency focused on ensuring good business practices, now seen as a mere rebranded Chamber of Commerce.

2. U.S. Postal Service: Santa's Helper to Punchline

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With a touch of nostalgia, a sentimentalist expresses sadness over the diminishing respect for the US Postal Service. They mention a sustained campaign to tarnish its reputation, legislative measures to weaken its services, and its transformation into a common target for comedians. The individual also shares personal experiences of slow service, attributing it to understaffing and a lack of open windows.

3. Shifting Attitudes Towards Sick Days

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Reflecting on changing workplace attitudes, a keen analyst explores the evolution of sick days. In the past, taking sick leave while genuinely ill was seen as a display of dedication, but nowadays, it is more commonly viewed as irresponsible or a potential liability. This observation highlights the shifting workplace culture and the growing emphasis on prioritizing health and well-being.

4. Netflix: Movie Marvel To Disappointing Shows

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Nostalgic for the earlier days of Netflix, a cinephile reminisces about the convenience of renting movies by mail. However, they express disappointment with the current approach of the platform. They mention the cancellation of beloved shows with high ratings and the perceived decline in the quality of the content produced as replacements, leading them to question the direction of Netflix.

5. DnD/Wizards of the Coast: Lost Respect With OGL

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Offering their perspective on Dungeons & Dragons (DND) and its publisher, Wizards of the Coast, avid player, shares their diminishing respect for the game and the company after introducing the new Open Gaming License (OGL). The enthusiast implies that the changes brought about by the OGL negatively impacted their perception of DND and Wizards of the Coast.

6. The Decline of Common Decency in the Social Media Age

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Bemoaning the erosion of common decency, a concerned observer attributes its decline to the influence of social media. They express how platforms have transformed interactions into a relentless pursuit of superiority or dominance, replacing meaningful conversations with shouting matches where volume prevails over validity. The commentator mourns the loss of civil discourse and the negative impact of social media on fostering respectful interactions.

7. Fading Respect for Phrenology and Hope for Homeopathy

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Reflecting on the waning respect for phrenology, an advocate hopes homeopathy will follow suit. They highlight how phrenology, a pseudoscientific belief system, was once taken seriously but discredited as scientific understanding advanced.

8. Levi's Jeans: Decline in Durability, Rise of Lucky

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Expressing disappointment in Levi's blue jeans' declining quality and durability, a fashion enthusiast recalls a time when they were renowned for lasting years. However, the individual now finds that a pair rarely survives a year of use before developing a weak spot. They acknowledge the shared sentiment online and contrast their experience with a pair of Lucky jeans, which they consider a potential replacement.

9. American-Made Products: Compromised Craftsmanship

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Expressing disappointment in the decline of American-made products, a patriot recalls a time when “American-made” meant quality and fair wages. They attribute the decrease in union prevalence and a shift in societal values to the compromised pride in craftsmanship. The concerned citizen believes corporate pressures and profit-driven approaches have led to a decline in the quality of American-made products.

10. Diminished Role of Teachers: Inspirational to Worker Bees

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Reflecting on the evolving perception of teachers, an advocate asserts that they don't view teachers as a joke but lament the diminishing significance and influence they hold in society. The passionate supporter expresses sadness that teachers are often perceived as worker bees rather than the inspirational role models they once were. This shift in perception is disheartening to the empathetic advocate.

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