Being Old Is Not Cool: 10 Things We Wanted As Kids That Are Overrated

In search of happiness and contentment, people usually have plenty of wants that they expect to bring them joy. These desires continue to exist until they have achieved them. Nonetheless, in real life, this is not always the case. The following are ten experiences that we dream about but may have to rethink once they become a part of our lives.

1. To Be Older

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Among them, some want the freedom and maturity that old age brings. Yet, the situation can be the opposite. As one of the users pointed out, he used to think that adulthood would mean freedom and control. But adulthood comes with this heavy burden of responsibility and challenges. The idea of adult life can no longer be romanticized once you are faced with the complexities and pressures of adult life.

2. Using Crutches 

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For many people, the thought of using crutches or other devices may be seen as a temporary problem. Different people, however, had different experiences. As added by the second user, with a leg injury, he had to use a crutch for mobility. This proved far more difficult to cope with than he expected, as it affected my daily routines and movement. 

3. Living off the Grid

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The idea of abandoning the hassle of life in a big city in search of a simple one far away from urban life might be attractive. However, one testimonial clarifies that living off-grid seemed the best choice, but being alone in nature and not having the needed amenities nearby was more than he expected. The inner romanticism of solitude and self-sufficiency may collide with the practical side of natural resources and social deprivation.

4. Maintenance of Luxuries

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Owning luxury stuff may look like a grand experience, but maintenance will become complicated. As added by a contributor, in the past, he had an envious heart for those with luxurious cars and houses. Nevertheless, he has learned through experience that using basic and simple things offers me more ability to relax.

5. Fame

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Many people are mesmerized by the charm of fame, yet it never comes for free. Another contributor mentioned that fame would bring me admiration and joy, but the consequence of loss of privacy and constant judgment made him doubt its goodness. 

6. Fulfilled Dreams 

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Reaching lifelong objectives can be quite fascinating, yet there might be some unexpected emotions. As added by a commenter, after my dream became a reality, I felt a sense of emptiness because I realized that the process was more beautiful than the result.  Pursuing a dream can become a time of self-examination and reconsideration once the purpose is accomplished.

7. Being a Leader

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Leadership and management positions can be attractive, but they can be stressful as well.  Another contributor revealed that he wanted to be a manager, but the continuous bossing around added much stress to my life. The position always showed how hard it is to manage people, and the consequences are tough.

8. Job

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The dream job can become a nightmare when there is a mismatch between expectations and reality. As described by the contributor, he realized his passion for cooking by becoming a chef. However, the exhausting shift and the physical burden made me doubt my future career choice. 

9. Retirement

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Retirement implies relaxation and freedom, but it also involves the necessary adjustments. As claimed by a commenter, he was looking forward to his retirement, too, but he was not prepared for the unexpected challenges of having spare time. This included loss of routine and purpose. 

10. Business Owner

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Entrepreneurship seems glamorous, but at the same time, all the struggles that one must face to make business prosper are overlooked. As added by the last user, it was very exciting when he started his own business. However, the financial risks that accompanied work-life balance struggles were more taxing than anticipated. 

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