10 TV Series That Are the Most ‘Rewatchable’ of All Time

TV series have different genres, styles, and methods of storytelling. Whether it's the dialogues in a sitcom, the gripping tension of a crime thriller, or the grand tales of a fantasy saga, some shows are always rewatchable. Here is a list of what viewers think about some popular TV series.

1. Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

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For fans of sitcoms that show family lifeMalcolm in the Middle is perfect. The chaotic but lovable Wilkerson family provides endless entertainment. With Malcolm's witty comments and Hal's funny acts, each episode offers laughs and touching moments. Watching it again as an adult makes you appreciate its intelligent script and realistic situations even more.

2. Arrested Development (2003)

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A young student mentioned Arrested Development as his all-time favorite. He realized that it has influenced many aspects of modern entertainment and society. It brings him back to the Bluth family each time he watches it again. With their strange antics and complex relationships, this series remains entertaining throughout. Every episode spreads laughter and makes it the ultimate family show.

3. Futurama (1999)

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

A combination of science fiction and humorous animation is Futurama. Its futuristic tales, mixed with jokes, make each time enjoyable. From Fry's adjustment struggles to Bender's sharp wit, excitement never ends in Futurama. An American family enlisted this show as their comfort show, and it is now part of their family rituals.

4. The Simpsons (1989)

Image Credit: 20th Television.

The Simpsons has influenced many. Growing up with characters like Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie brings back childhood memories. The show's smart, memorable lines and famous characters make it great to watch repeatedly. Every episode mixes comedy, social commentary, and touching scenes that connect with people of all ages. 

5. Friends (1994)

Photo Credit: NBC.

Friends is a series one can always watch. Its timeless jokes, stories people can relate to, and memorable characters are always enjoyable. From Ross's multiple failed marriages to Joey's attempts at acting and Monica's need for everything to be perfect, each character adds something special. Also, the iconic theme song always makes the audience smile.

6. The Office (2005)

Image Credit: NBC.

The mockumentary style, funny group of actors, and awkward situations make it relatable. The Office is a comedy about working in an office that feels real for anyone who has ever had a tedious job. Watching this TV show makes an employee feel like catching up with his old friends at Dunder Mifflin's Scranton office.. Michael's awkward leadership attempts or Dwight's odd behavior is always entertaining. 

7. Stranger Things (2016)

stranger things
Image Credit: Netflix.

The incredible TV show takes a high school student group on an exciting trip to Hawkins, Indiana, where 1980s nostalgia mixes with strange mysteries and warm friendships. The series combines horror, science fiction, and teen drama in a story that hooks the audience to the screen from beginning to end. Elements like Eleven's telekinetic abilities, scary creatures from the Upside Down, or the connections among the kids keep eagerly watching more episodes.

8. Breaking Bad (2008)

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Leading the audience into a dark world of crime as Walter White's transformation from a high school teacher into a drug lord. The intense storytelling mixed with complex characters makes this show gripping throughout its run. Breaking Bad always impresses with its expert storytelling and deep characters. A student watched the series during summer vacations and claimed that the intense drama, unexpected plot turns, and outstanding acting kept him fully engaged each time he watched. 

9. Game of Thrones (2011)

Photo Credit: HBO.

According to most of the students from high school, for exploring the political conflicts in King's Landing, the ancient mysteries beyond the Wall, or the personal challenges. Not only this,  but the brilliant visuals in Game Of Thrones are also why people enjoy watching it multiple times. The impressive cinematography and high-quality costumes and sets set a production standard.

10. Parks and Recreation (2009)

Photo Credit: NBC.

A cheerful comedy  TV series that consistently lifts spirits. A woman shared that she watched the characters of Pawnee, Indiana each time. Leslie Knope shows endless optimism, and Ron Swanson and the Parks Department made her stick to the screen. The show uses a mockumentary style and lovable characters to build an engaging and familiar atmosphere. 

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