10 Unacceptable Things Boomers Did That Would Not Be Allowed Today

The term Boomer refers to the generation that flourished from 1946 to 1964. The boomers were provided with many inapt gears, totally obnoxious in today's civilized era. Boomers were raised in an environment lacking parental hold, unsupervised outdoor activities, and exposure to uncensored television content. These practices had an irrational impact on boomers, which is, of course, not acceptable in today's cultured epoch.  

1. Somatic Punishments

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During the Boomers' time, physical punishments were considered the most effective apparatus to discipline kids. However, in today's modern era, raising kids using violent approaches is declared illegal in certain countries, and it's considered barbaric for children's self-respect and esteem. Raising kids with compassion and respect is the slogan of modern parenting. 

2. Unexplored Nutritional Requirements

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Past in the Boomer era, students' diets were not tailored according to their body's nutritional requirements. Meals saturated with sugar and fat resulted in obesity. Food allergies were not addressed. However, in today's era, diet plans are appropriately crafted, incorporating healthy ingredients. Safety measures are taken to manage food allergies, and the use of organic food is highly emphasized.

3. Playing With Hazardous Toys

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During the Boomers era, toy companies were not adhering to any laws regarding the usage of toxic materials in toys. Moreover, a dart game was viral among boomers, which had a high risk of injury.

Whereas, in the Modern era, proper laws are incorporated, kids' safety protocols are defined, and the usage of choking substances is completely banned, ensuring risk-free playtime.

4. Free-Hand Approach

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Baby Boomers often pep talk about their childhood liberty to play on their own without proper surveillance by their parents.

Conversely, today, there is a drastic shift in parental norms. They have become more protective about kids' playing environment and safety. Nowadays, parents believe in tactics other than a hands-off approach.

5. Unobstructed Media Interaction

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During the Boomers era, the significance of exposure to age-appropriate content still needs to be substantially realized. Boomers had unobstructed access to TV shows, movies, and adultery material.

On the other hand, in today's modern era, emphasis has been put on how unsuitable media content affects young minds and how much parental control is the need of the hour.

6. Ignorance of Road Safety Measures

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Back during the boom time, children's safety on the road was not assured. Car seat belts were not mandatory, and kids had adventurous rides in the back of a pickup truck. 

Nowadays, this practice is confronted by making road safety laws for children. Parents also express heightened responsiveness regarding kids' well-being on the road and abide by the regulations.

7. Use of Hazardous Material

Child making craft
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Baby boomers belonged to an environment where no special attention was given to the usage of safety materials in playgrounds. The use of cold concrete was every day. Craft kits designed for children also contained hazardous materials like asbestos.

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On the contrary, with increased awareness regarding hazards and risks associated with asbestos and concrete material, this practice was dismissed.

8. Riding Bicycle Without Safety Measures

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Baby boomers' common practice was to ride a bike without wearing a helmet and take sunbathe without using sunscreen. However, with the increased knowledge about personal safety on different occasions, people have shifted towards catering to personal protection, whether it's wearing a helmet on the road or using sunscreen to avoid cancer.

9. Usage of Fireworks

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Fireworks are considered an integral part of festive occasions. Baby boomers were also permitted to handle these fireworks to show their excitement. However, realizing the risks, firework safety regulations were implemented, prohibiting the use of fire displays by the children and declaring it illegal. The safety regulations created awareness regarding its hazardous use. 

10. Hitch a Lift

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During the old times, the roads were not crowded with large numbers of cars, so people preferred to catch a lift to reach their destination. 

However, our modern society extremely condemns this practice, and it's even illegal in some country areas. People are now more conscious of the risks associated with carpooling and have a preference for personal safety.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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