10 Astonishing ‘It Can’t Happen to Me’ Stories That Actually Happened

From thrilling adventures to ghostly hallows, there are a lot of stories that a lot of people experience. Here are the most unbelievable that cannot happen to stories that actually happened. You will be thrilled, love them, and someone will leave you in tears. 

1. Never Seeing Your Pen Pal Friends Again

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Have you ever lost someone close to you and got sudden news? Well, a boy narrates that he faced a trauma in the 5th grade. He was paired with students from a school in Los Angeles as pen pals. During the second or third round, he didn't receive a reply from his pen pal. The teacher made a call to check, and they learned that he had tragically been caught in a drive-by shooting and had lost his life.

2. Psychotic Break of a Person After Medication

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Drug addiction can result in severe catastrophes. A person shares a devastating experience of his life where he lost his father and brother-in-law. His brother-in-law recovered from rehab and was completely normal. One night, he had a psychotic break, and he tragically killed his sleeping father and then took his own life. In just eight hours, the family was left shattered.

3. Getting Pulled Over by Cops

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Imagine this: You are pulled over multiple times in a single day by the same cop. A guy on the internet shared this hilarious experience by mentioning that he got pulled over for expired tags. But, strangely enough, the same cop, waiting at the same spot, kept finding reasons to pull him over every time. He was pulled over three times in a single day, and he was driving three different cars.

4. Slipping on Easy Terrain

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You might have seen action heroes jumping from sky-high buildings and surviving. The same happened in real life with a hiker. Just a couple of weeks ago, a man was climbing, and on the third part of the climb, he slipped and fell about 10-15 feet. He states that they called the Sheriff's office immediately and were rescued by a helicopter. He also added that he only had a pilon fracture in his left ankle from this high fall. 

5. Making Fun of Mental Illness

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Growing up, a person surrounded by others who whispered and laughed about “crazy people” didn't realize she was becoming one of them. It wasn't until she reached her 30s that she noticed her mental health issues. She shares that initially, she thought she could manage without help. But then, over the next decade, her condition worsened. Eventually, she started believing that she was beyond fixing.

6. PTSD From a Car Accident

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Many around us consider car-related PTSD as something light. The same goes for an individual who has Car PTSD. On an internet forum, a woman recalls her car crash and how she got car PTSD. She feels hesitant to label it that way because it seems minor. But after a severe car crash, she gets intense flashbacks when certain things trigger her. These flashbacks are so strong that she can smell the smoke and taste the bitterness in her mouth.

7. Stealing Irreplaceable Items

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Nothing is safe sometimes, even some personal stuff that is useless to anybody else. Just a couple of days ago, someone stole a person's irreplaceable belongings. He shares that this happened while they were in the middle of a cross-country move, and their U-Haul trailer, containing cherished items, was taken. They're still trying to understand why someone would find it necessary to steal things like their pets' ashes and their grandparents' wedding album.

8. Giving Blessings to Patients With Chronic Disease

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Chronic diseases can kill the hope inside of a person. The patient not only becomes physically sick but also mentally disturbed. A cancer-fighting patient shares her story, narrating how a nurse gave her best wishes. After receiving the diagnosis of an aggressive cancer, an oncology nurse said to her, “You're going to discover your incredible strength.” She mentions that those are words no one wants to hear. Sending blessings to everyone here who may be facing similar challenges.

9. Car Stolen Twice

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Sometimes, we are so lucky that we get back our misplaced items. A person shares his experience that he had his 2000 Saturn SL2 stolen twice. He recalls that the first time, it vanished from a busy street. After four weeks, he got an odd call asking for $100 and got his car back. Three years later, 1,503 miles away, theft #2 occurred. It ended tragically as the thief crashed the car while fleeing from the police.

10. Bad Luck With Good Luck

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Have you been in a state where you lost everything but found something new? The same happened to a lady whose house was consumed by a wildfire, and they lost all their belongings. On a brighter note, they moved to a new place where the woman found the same boy she had a crush on throughout high school. She shared that both reconnected, started a relationship, and have been together for over 20 years, with almost 17 years of marriage.

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