The Unusual Side of Saving: 10 Money-Saving Practices Some Women Practice

Money-saving hacks are mostly dedicated to women.

Because women are more involved in home chores and they know better how to save money. Some things that women do to save money are shared on an online platform.

1. Dying Clothes

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One woman shared her money-saving hack. She shared that for cleaning white clothes, bleach is used. And bleach destroys the clothes soon. Thus when her clothes are damaged, she dyes them. By giving them different colors, they look new. And no one can detect that she wore this dress already. In this way, she gets a new dress without spending money.

2. Crushed Beauty Products

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One girl shared that all beauty product bottles will be found crushed at the end of the month. Body lotion, gel, hand wash, shampoo, creams, hair serums, everything. Because she wants to use every last drop of these products because she does not want to waste things, but it saves money. 

3. Painting Nails at the Store

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A girl shared that she visits the shopping mall first whenever she has to go to a party. This visit is not for purchasing anything. But for window shopping and applying nail paint, they match her dress. And leave that shop without purchasing anything. It saves money and provides a variety of nail paint colors every time.

4.10th Wash-Free Scheme

Woman using machine at Laundromat
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One money-saving woman shared that her laundromat charges by the pound. But every 10th wash is free. So for the first nine washes, she chooses light and casual clothes to pay less. And when it is the 10th time, she gets to wash all the heavy items, such as jeans, sweaters, coats, blankets, curtains, and bed covers.

5. Candles Wax

Candles are very expensive; thus, people invent different hacks to save these. One woman shares that she collects the candles, containers, and stands that are ended for three months. After that, she heated these containers and stood to get every drop of wax. In this way, she gets 4 to 5 new candles.

6. Zip Lock Bags

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People use zip-lock bags to save things from moisture. These bags also freeze the veggies and foods in the refrigerator. One woman claimed that she never throws these bags after use. Instead, she washes them and dries them. And use these bags again and again to save money. 

7. Collecting Coins

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People always neglect coins because nothing can be purchased with these coins. But one mother shared that she makes good use of these coins. She saves these coins for almost 4 to 5 years to take their son to Disney land. And after the visit, they repeat this collection. Currently, she has 400 dollars, and it has been two years.

8. Makeup Remover

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Makeup products are too much expensive. Girl do their hacks to manage things. One girl shared that she considers a makeup remover an extra product. She can spend money on applying makeup and then spend money on removing makeup. So she use olive oil as a makeup remover. It is not only a money-saving hack but also better than expensive makeup removers.

9. Curling Hair

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Styling hair is a compulsory component for every woman. One girl shares that she does not use a curler or straightener to curl her hair. Because these two things take so much electricity unit, instead, she rolls her wet hair on the roller. And pin these rollers for overnight. In the morning, she gets perfectly curled hair. 

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10. Smart Shower

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A smart shower process followed by a girl was shared in the comments. She stated that she washed her hair after 2-3 days. It saves the boiling of water, gas, electricity, bathing products, and time. She uses body soap after 2-3 days. And once a week, she takes a long shower of 15 minutes. She shaves and uses shampoo, conditioner, and body gel. She does not use a blow dryer even. 

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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