These 10 Animals Should Never Be Pets

A pet is an animal kept by human beings for companionship and affection. The concept of owning animals for reciprocal advantage to humans has historical roots in the domestication of fauna, i.e., dogs and cats. Paintings recovered by archaeologists from paleolithic times show present-day mastiffs. However, there are animals that would not make admirable pets due to their fierce nature.

1. Chimpanzees

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Known to be primitive homo sapiens, chimps may seem a harmless and intelligent species, easy to deal with, but they can be quite harmful and destructive when agitated. Their sharp, powerful jaws and overall strong physical anatomy, along with their thinking skills, give them an upper hand in deceiving their masters. One Redditor remarks that they might keep a tank full of cobras or an alligator over a chimp anytime. 

2. Octopus

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These high-maintenance marine animals despise closed tanks and being trapped. Chances are, these would die within the first year of captivity from their own ink or escape through that two-meter hole in your aquarium overnight. 

3. Hyenas

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While young hyenas can make cute little pets, adult hyenas are totally opposite, with their active, aggressive nature and desire to dominate humans. Nevertheless, some Nigerians do keep them as pets. They are kept in extreme care and with muzzles around their mouths.

4. Panthers

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Charming and elegant in looks, but panthers likely won't make desirable pets for you. Panthers have evolved to kill their potential threats swiftly and effectively; hence, once they make you their targets, there is nothing one can do to save you. 

5. Bears

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Technically, Yes. Is it recommended? A big no. With young grizzly bears weighing around 5-10 pounds and adult grizzlies weighing 600-1500 pounds, it is not a good idea to have these species as pets. Male bears are even known to eat cubs, so it is highly unlikely they would feel any affection towards someone who has them in cells. 

6. Crocodiles

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Large, semiaquatic animals with thick, muscular plated tails and massive bodies. Another intelligent animal to make it on our list. Crocs have a developed and well-functioning cerebral cortex, a part of the brain that, in humans, is enrolled in intelligence, thinking, and memory. Given all these attributes, they won't make friendly pets. 

7. Rattlesnakes

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Rattlesnakes can be extremely dangerous, even when their venom sacs are removed. Venom sacs, which are an important part of their digestive and defense system, can fully regrow over time, not to mention that venomoid surgeries have a low success rate itself. 

8. Hippopotamus

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Four feet tall at the shoulders, weighing 1.5 tons, and despite its fat, can sprint faster than an average human being, hippos can never make cordial pets. Their incisors are about 1 foot long, and their canines are 1 foot 80 inches. Hippos can open their jaws to a full 180 degrees, and their jaw power is enough to crush almost anything in between.

9. Cassowary

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Flightless birds, the closest creatures we have to velociraptor dinosaurs, are not to be messed with. Analogous traits these animals possess are long, sharp, three-pronged feet (the middle ones can grow to be 6 inches long, which resembles a dagger). 

10. Orcas

Two Orca whales
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

A.k.a. The killer whales, the largest animal of the dolphin family, are a recent addition to marine exhibitions due to their striking appearance, playful persona, and vast size. These animals, when confined and collared, have been shown to aggravate their aggressive behaviors, resulting in them attacking their trainers and human caretakers. One user comments that orcas are supposed to go wild since they are denied space and social freedom to busy themselves as in the ocean.

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