10 Worst Phrases to Say That Anger People

We come across hundreds of different things in our daily life. While some we ignore, others we do react to because they piss us off. People who can't see others happy pass such statements. We call them so-called friends because a true friend would never say such a thing that would gaslight you. Here are ten examples of the things people always say that never fail to piss us off.

1. “It Ain't a Big Deal!”

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Sometimes, despite efforts and hard work, things don't go your way. In such situations, patience is crucial, and analyzing available actions is recommended, as people often offer fake consoling, making it challenging to handle the situation. A netizen suggests a befitting reply to such a statement, stating that “it won't be a great deal for them but is great for him due to his significant time investment on it.”

2. “Money Doesn't Buy Happiness”

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What comes to your mind when listening to this statement? Now, it has two aspects: one that it doesn't buy  & the other that it does. People who think money can't buy happiness have the luxury of satisfying their physiological needs, which everyone cannot afford. On an online platform, a user articulates why people oppose it because they cannot meet their basic needs like others & possess materialistic happiness.

3. “You're Too Sensitive!”

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If I had to rank one statement that never fails to piss off people, this would top the charts. This is a common gaslighting tactic that can lead a person directly to dislike you. Somebody confessed on a social site that her colleague used to criticize her for being too sensitive, causing her infuriation, but eventually realized that she used it to make him feel their emotions were worthless or invalid.

4. “Nobody Wants to Work”

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This statement reflects some subjective opinions because nobody can live a life sitting idle. Many people want to work to support their families or make an advancement in careers. An individual online expresses a desire to work passionately and enjoy their work. But feels like an idiot due to the meaningless treatment & compensation he receives. One may avoid wanting to work only if there's toxic work environment.

5. “Stop Overreacting!”

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Humans were created for two core reasons: first, to help others & second, to bow against god.  When somebody says stop overreacting, not only is it disrespectful to the other person, but it can also shatter their confidence and prevent them from opening up again. Psychiatrists claim no one should tell people how to express their feelings, as this takes away their identity from them.

6. “Everything Happens for a Reason”

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Yes, it is valid to some extent because mostly our actions are the causes of results caused by those actions. But sometimes, it is because people suck & you can't do anything about it. One respondent explained his story of being a former class leader, where he noticed a sudden drop in grades and position. The new topper was linked to the professor, a situation he couldn't resolve.

7. “I Don't Have a Filter”

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People are often seen talking about how others have a filter on & trying to understand the reason being catfish. Amid all this, they forget they are also “someone in other peers' books. A user recalls confronting a rude, proud, and inappropriate friend who used to claim that he didn't have any filter on. When confronted, he was left in awe and excused with lame justifications.

8. “Calm Down”

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To make someone genuinely relax & calm down, one should try to help them instead of just telling them. This can make them feel agitated as they are told how to feel. One of the netizens lamented that she usually gets to listen to this only when she is calmer than the others. Another one makes a witty claim, saying nobody has ever calmed down when asked to.

9. “If I Can Do It, so Can You!”

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Why do you think that if you can do it, everyone can? No, not everyone has the same resources, the same abilities, the same support, and the luxury to pursue. This sounds triggering at times and depends on how it is being said, whether in a motivational or an attempt to get rid of tone. A commentator quotes, “If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

10. “Clean Your Room!”

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Cleanliness is an impressive personality trait as it provides neatness & peace of mind. However, trying to get basic chores done forcefully can weaken the bond between parents and children. It can raise concerns in mind that they are being dominated. Netizens confess that nothing pisses them more than anything when they are already cleaning their room & their parents walk in to dictate this.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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