15 Gen Z-isms Boomers Think Are Something Else

Living ways, including habits, trends, and mindsets, change with time. We often get surprised after learning about the living standards and rules of people in old age. Similarly, there are some things that Gen Z is doing openly, but boomers have found these things hilarious. Let's discover which Gen Z habits have forced boomers to laugh hard.

1. Following Fashion Industry

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As the era evolved, the fashion industry has revolutionized and introduced unique fashion ideas to the public. Especially when it comes to clothing, everyone wants to wear fashionable and unique dresses. Boomers have found today's fashion industry weird and hilarious. According to the Boomers, industries have diverted the mindset of Gen Z from decent and comfortable clothing.

2. Using Memes on Social Media

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Memes have become an important part of communication for the young generation. Every few weeks, new memes become a popular and amusing part of everyone's chatting. However, innocent boomers are unaware of the meaning and usage of memes on social media. They think it's useless and meaningless.

3. Filming Everything in Cameras

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Cell phones have become an unavoidable part of everyone's life because of their video-recording abilities. People love to film themselves in cameras while following social media trends. Boomers find it hilarious how Gen Z acts to impress their followers while standing in front of their cameras.

4. Watching Life Hacks Videos 

Woman recording a video.
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The internet is full of short crafting content, and life hacks videos. Youngsters enthusiastically watch such videos and then try to implement them in their lives. Besides the good and efficient hacks, you will find people who are showing illogical and fake hacks to gain popularity. Boomers feel amusement when they see innocent individuals trying to get results from these fake life hacks.

5. Chatting With Abbreviations 

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Gen Z is an expert in using short abbreviations when chatting. You must have used abbreviations such as LOL and TYSM when chatting with your friends. Such terms are difficult for the Boomers to understand. New abbreviations were introduced among the youngsters with every new day, making things complicated for the boomers.

6. Making Friends on Social Media

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Boomers are growing up in an era free of things like social media platforms. They used to spend their whole day with their friends living nearby. Therefore, witnessing individuals making friends virtually on different social media platforms is hilarious for the boomers. They find it surprising how a person can make a friendship with someone he has never met.

7. Paying for Abstract Art

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People pay a huge amount to buy unique pieces of abstract art. According to these people, only a few people can understand the value of modern art. However, boomers have different mindsets. They perceive it as foolishness to pay thousands of dollars for getting illogically prepared paintings.

8. Celebrating Different Days 

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The era where boomers grew up was simple and free of show-offs. In contrast, nowadays, you will find that every person arranges large parties with little success. According to the boomers, the trend of spending a lot of money on celebrations should be changed. Many boomers have made fun of the people celebrating special days like Mother's Day.

9. Paying Subscription Fees

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In the digital world, everything demands a subscription. Even on the home appliances you buy after paying full cost, you are often forced to pay monthly subscription fees. If you don't pay, your product or service will stop working. Boomers have found this rule infuriating and hilarious at the same time to pay for the product they have already bought.

10. Following the Keto Diet

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Health-conscious people are well aware of the risks associated with high-carb intake, so they have excluded sugar-rich food from their meal routine. But boomers are not ready to believe in any concept, forcing them to avoid natural foods like potatoes. They perceive it as nonsense to exclude heavy and nutrient-rich edibles from the diet plan.

11. Watching Vlogs 

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Gen Z has developed weird habits and activities that seem hilarious and infuriating at the same time. Boomers have expressed that they never understand the logic behind watching the lifestyle and daily activities of influencers. According to boomers, the youngster should utilize their time for productive activities instead of watching random Vlogs.

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12. Searching Everything Online 

Young woman looking at phone while using laptop.
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Due to the significant involvement of the internet in their lives, Gen Z has developed the habit of searching and believing everything from the online world. Youngsters often prefer getting the solution to every problem from the internet. Many of these solutions end with devastating results. Still, youngsters shouldn't hesitate to follow online advice.

13. Taking Selfies With Filters 

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When it comes to capturing beautiful selfies without makeup and dress-up, Snapchat and similar applications have become everyone's favorite. These apps offer beauty-enhancing filters for the face and make the person look attractive. Boomers always find it amusing to witness youngsters applying different filters to their faces and taking selfies.

14. Finding Partner Online 

Young happy couple is enjoying and preparing healthy meal in their kitchen and reading recipes on the laptop.
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Digitalization has changed everyone's way of life. Surprisingly, it has enabled people to find out their life partners through different online apps and websites. It's normal for Gen Z to deal with such digital matchmaking platforms. But, Boomers find it hilarious to select a person after analyzing him through his online profile.

15. Playing Video Games Enthusiastically 

Happy female gamer smiling while playing and winning in a video game with a remote controller.
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Video games are not only a source of entertainment; they have become the passion for Gen Z. Youngsters play video games with passion as they fight or compete in a real race. Boomers often get amused by how youngsters get involved in their video games and deal with the gaming challenges as real-life events.

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