15 Habits of People Who Are Always Unhappy

Life is a balance between ups and downs, happiness and sadness, but the people who go to extreme levels and disturb the equilibrium of life by remaining in the past are unhappy. Here are specific traits shown in their personality that could identify an individual struggling with unhappiness. 

1. Comparison 

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It is said that comparison kills happiness, and it is true. People who constantly compare everything they have with people around them or on social media are the ones who are unhappy with their lives. They find it difficult to celebrate their small wins in front of others' significant wins, neglecting that everyone has their journey and struggles. 

2. Blaming Others

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Unhappy people like to justify their problems and shortcomings by blaming others. They never try to take responsibility for their problems and feel that playing the victim in every situation is effortless, which shows their powerlessness over any situation. This might bring temporary relief to them, but in the long run, things get worse for them.

3. Happiness Is an Accomplishment

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We have often heard that happiness is a valid state of mind. Still, miserable individuals don't believe it and run for worldly things they think would bring them happiness, like money, fame, people, etc. Still, they forget that living in the moment and cherishing it to the fullest is an absolute joy. 

4. Perfectionist

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People who thrive on perfection are disappointed and disheartened because they don't realize that perfection doesn't exist. Not everything that is taken to the extent of perfection looks excellent; it's ideal to embrace the imperfections, the flaws that make the person unique.

5. Fear of New Things

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Many people fear new starts due to various past experiences, but if they try to stay under the blanket of fear and don't try new things, they remain far behind in life. Fear of new challenges is common, but constantly staying in your comfort zone due to fear of failure will lead to setbacks in life. 

6. Negative Self-Talk

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Self-talk is an excellent way of self-reflection, but low-spirited people turn their self-talk into self-hatred sessions. They are too harsh on themselves about their looks, choices, etc., and think they cannot achieve anything. All this leads to negativity trapping their minds and leads to depression and sadness. 

7.  Always Complaining

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Despondent mindsets consistently try to find anything negative in a happy environment. They never let themselves be satisfied by their actions. Your environment does have a prominent impact on you, so if a person is constantly surrounded by someone who chronically complains, then chances are they will also adopt this habit.

8. Negative Outlook on Life

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Unhappiness looms over a person's head when they look at life negatively. These people think that life is always against them, creating hurdles in their way, and they find it difficult to be happy where happiness is abundant. They find unhappiness in joy, while others seek pleasure in unhappy moments.

9. Lack Gratitude

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Individuals who are always fixated on the next big thing instead of stopping and celebrating small successes are often miserable. Their negative mindset makes them fail to appreciate the blessings of life and focus on their shortcomings. They don't show gratitude for easily accessible things, which is someone else's dream.

10. No Social Connection

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Sorrowful people, in the name of being introverts, isolate themselves from their friends and family circle. They don't put any effort into maintaining relationships. Because of all this, they feel lonely and sad with no one to support them by their side, and when a hard time comes, it feels even more bitter as there is no support around them.

11. Lack Purpose

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The purpose of life for Multiple is a driving force to live. They hope to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams, but unhappy individuals lack any purpose or aim in life. They live their life vaguely day after day with no change, which makes their daily life dull, eventually falling into a loop of unhappiness. 

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12. Dwell on the Past

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Disconsolate multitudes struggle with moving on from their past. They constantly think about past mistakes, failures, and grudges and live in those moments most of the time without realizing that the world has more to offer if they try to head a little forward in time. 

13. Being Jealous of Others

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When unhappy people cannot achieve what they wished for and see others attaining it, they start being jealous of others without appreciating what they have. They let slip that everyone is running on a different track in life and that what is destined for them will reach them even if they are seven seas apart. 

14. Don't Take Responsibilities

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Unhappy people don't consider taking responsibility from their shoulders. They hide or avoid any responsibility at all costs because of the change they will bring into their lives. The fear of new challenges keeps them from taking risks. 

15. They Want More

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It is a habit of people who lack contentment. They want more and more and are never satisfied with what they have. Dispirited people will have all the wealth in the world but still crave more in the name of satisfaction. The real reason is they are not happy. They try to buy happiness from materialistic things but fail.

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