3 Financial Traits Women Want in a Man

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Max Marvelous
Max Marvelous

Personal Finance Expert

What do women want in a man?
Well, a lot of things, and even though I'm not a woman, in a one year period I've been out with my fair share. I feel like I have enough anecdotal evidence to tell you about the three financial traits females most want in a man so you can become this guy and score with the right lucky lady.

Trait 1: Financial Confidence

If you know absolutely nothing about how money works, it's hard to get a female on board with you unless they're super into finance, which in my experience, they are usually not drawn to.
Women enjoy people, that's just a fact, and money is an inanimate object. You can't do anything with it besides have a medium of exchange. So you should display some competence about how money works, how it can be used, and how you are using it. 
A lot of times if the fella can show financial competence within the financial realm, it can help your chances of being in a long-term satisfying relationship.

Trait 2: Financial Security

Women are selective breeders and are definitely on the lookout for financial security. That financial security can really show that you are somebody who can be there through thick and thin and support them and eventually, if you have children, support the children, because females usually take a bigger hit when it comes to child rearing. Financial security is very important.
And if you don't have it, that's okay. Just know that more often than not, females are not going to like that. Females like the feeling of security and the knowledge that when things hit the fan they have you to support them. Females do not have to be support 100% by men, I'm simply saying a lot of times, and more often than not, female select males for breeding purposes.

Trait 3: Financial Generosity

I don't know any female who likes someone who's extremely selfish with their finances. Nobody likes that. Women want to see that you are generous with your money.
And females will see that you aren't compatible if you do not display generosity and compassion. Someone who has fallen on tough times and is working towards becoming a better person and displays generosity will be a lot more attractive than someone who sits on their ass all day and is selfish with money.