9 Boomer Skills Millennials Have No Interest in

The boomers are particular about the things they do and how they do them. However, millennials often refuse to admit that anything the boomers do is actually worth doing. Here are 9 boomer skills millennials just won’t use, and we can’t wrap our heads around why that is!

Fixing Things Around the House

DIY Chair Project
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Knowing how to make essential fixes and upgrades around the house is a tremendous skill. You can save money, time, and frustration by handling the fix yourself. Millennials are still on the fence about this.

Memorizing Phone Numbers

Happy Woman Smiling walking with phone in hand
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Boomers know how to memorize phone numbers. Millennials just put the number in their phone and never know it. What happens when you don’t have your phone with you?

Researching (Without Google)

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Boomers know how to do extensive research. They can use encyclopedias, various sources, etc. Millennials are more likely to plug something into Google and accept the first response.


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Handwriting has become a lost skill. Millennials just simply avoid it at all costs, and the boomers still write down plenty of things.

Reading a Physical Map

Disappointed woman with map
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Reading a physical map is a skill that most millennials find unnecessary. However, there are times when a physical map can make it easier to get from point A to point B. Boomers have this skill down.

Sewing and Repairing Clothing

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Boomers know how to fix their clothing; millennials pay people or simply replace the clothing. Basic sewing and repairing of clothing is becoming a lost skill.

Tuning Up A Car

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Boomers knew how to change the oil, add some windshield washer fluid, and keep their cars in relatively good condition. Millennials just pay people to do this for them.

Using a Library

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Boomers knew how to walk into a library and get the needed information. Millennials do not have as much exposure and don’t utilize the library much, so using it becomes a lost skill.

Cooking From Scratch

Grandma cooking with granddaughter
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Finally, boomers knew how to put a great meal on the table. Millennials prefer to go out or have someone deliver food to their home for them. Not only is cooking fun, but it is also more affordable and typically healthier. Boomers had this one right.

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