9 Movie Deaths That Make Even The Toughest Guys Cry

With the massive number of genres, movies attract many people. Movies have different types of scenes according to the movie's genres. But the most common scene in any film is the death scene. Death scenes have heart-wrenching things that can make you feel heartbroken. Let's look at some soul-crushing death scenes in movies that will haunt you forever.

1. Donald Gennaro Eaten by T-Rex

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Jurassic Park is an Adventurist movie. But all the death scenes in the film are absolutely horrific. Donald Gennaro is a minor character in Jurassic Park. He was a lawyer who went to Jurassic Park to check its security. However, he was a coward who initially abandoned children to a T-Rex, unfortunately getting eaten by a T-Rex when he went to take the refugee to a toilet. Watching him eaten by a T-Rex is horrific to make you feel goosebumps.

2. The Suicide Scene in Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society (1989) Bethany Whitmore
Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

Neil Perry wanted to pursue his dreams. But he gets discouraged from pursuing his dreams by his father in Dead Poets Society. His suicide and the scene after that give chills to the viewer. Kurtwood Smith's voice when he finds Neil's body is full of so much sorrow and desperate regret. His character spent the entire movie being a classic mid-century abusive father. And then he breaks into pieces when he realizes his son is now beyond his reach. He'll never guide him, never see him smile or see him graduate or get married. And at that moment, you can hear him realizing it wasn't worth it at that moment.

3. Grave of the Fireflies

Photo Credit: Toho.

The beginning scene of The Grave of Fireflies is heart-touching. Where Seita is lying there, waiting to die along with the other people, is profound. And then, the movie goes into his life, showing what a loving and vibrant child he was. The film ends with a heart-wrenching scene. Seita dies there, and nobody cares at all until his sister comes to get him. It's worse knowing that the movie is an autobiography. The writer killed his own character at the end. Because he never forgave himself for surviving where his sister did not.

4. The Ending of Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard
Photo Credit: Loew's Inc.

The movie Gone with the Wind has a terrible ending scene where Clark Gable's daughter dies. He is adamant about then keeping the candles lit with her body. Because she was afraid of the dark, they had her laid out in her bed at his request. It will tear you up and make your heart ache for them.

5. Murder in the Shawshank Redemption

Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment.

Tommy Williams' murder in The Shawshank Redemption is so much soul-crushing. The depiction of his brutal murder and filmography is impressive. It is something about how his feet seem pointed when the camera zooms out. It will definitely give you the shivers.

6. Kid's Murder in Doctor Sleep

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

The kid's murder in Doctor Sleep depicts a child so brutally murdered in a movie like that. They torture the boy to death for a stream. It is shocking to see a small boy getting tortured, and it will leave you traumatized for your whole life.

7. Tom Hanks' Death in Saving Private Ryan

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Tom Hanks' death in Saving Private Ryan is another heart-wrenching death scene. It will stay embedded in your mind forever. It showed his struggle to say the words “earn this.” And the impact of those words on Pvt. Ryan's face amidst the chaos of the Germans assaulting their position. It's a potent scene, especially when coupled with the movie's final scene.

8. Midsommar

Midsommar Florence Pugh
Photo Credit: A24.

Death scenes in Midsummer make it undoubtedly the most horrific movie. All the movie's death scenes are terrible and will mark you forever. The old man and woman jumped off a cliff. The guy who was still alive with his back flayed open and chickens eating him alive. The one guy who got killed and his face skinned and then worn as a mask to kill another person. It was so horrible. A man was trapped in a bear skin and burned alive while a creepy cult. All these death scenes were so horrifying.

9. Deaths in Sinister

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment.

Sinister has the lawnmower tape. It shows that the child runs over her family with the mower while they're lying in the yard at night. If you watch this scene, the noise will get you every single time. No matter how often you watch it, even though you know it's coming. It will leave a permanent mark on your soul with its terrible deaths.

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