Mixed Reviews: 10 TV Shows Loved by Some, Loathed by Others

Television shows can unite people, spark conversations, and provide entertainment for hours. However, only some shows are a hit with every viewer. Recently, in an online discussion, people shared popular TV shows that not everyone likes. From reality TV to dramas and comedies, these shows have their fans and detractors. Whether it's the writing, the acting, or the overall premise, these shows have earned a mixed reputation.

1. American Idol (2002)

Image Credit: ABC.

As per a spectator's opinion, American Idol has gradually lost its allure as participants appear to be excessively coached for the program, leading to a deficiency in originality. The viewer added that the show no longer showcases raw talent and instead focuses on creating a specific character for each contestant, a trend that the producers seemingly encourage.

2. X-Factor (2004)

Image Credit: Syco Entertainment.

A dissatisfied commenter expressed their lack of enthusiasm for The X Factor, referring to it as “mind-numbingly dull,” with no inclination towards learning about the life stories of competitors, like Timmy, who divulged his grandmother's last desire for him to perform.

3. Deadliest Catch (2005)

Image Credit: Discovery.

A discerning viewer noted that Deadliest Catch, the well-received series on crab fishing, has veered from its original emphasis on the dangerous occupation and has delved into family matters and personal quarrels. The show's early seasons were characterized by a focus on the high-stakes work of crab fishing, with crew members risking their lives to catch the valuable crustaceans. However, in more recent seasons, the show has shifted to a greater emphasis on personal drama, with employees engaging in behavior that would be unacceptable in most workplaces. The user expressed disappointment at this change, feeling that it detracts from what made the show compelling in the first place.

4. 90 Day Fiancé (2014)

Image Credit: Sharp Entertainment.

The fourth feedback originates from a disenchanted user who conveys their letdown with the reality program 90 Day Fiancé. At first, they enjoyed the show, but now they find it boring due to the cast members' constant drama and whiny behavior. The user points out that some people on the show seem to stay in the relationship purely for financial reasons. They question why others, such as The Family Chantel and Stacey & Darcey, would willingly subject themselves to the drama that comes with being on the show.

5. Riverdale (2017)

Photo Credit: Berlanti Productions.

An individual divulged that Riverdale had gained popularity despite being commonly regarded as subpar. The user notes that the actors in the show are often cheesy, which could contribute to the show's polarizing reputation. Despite this, the show has managed to maintain a significant following.

6. 13 Reasons Why (2017)

Image Credit: Netflix.

A different participant in the discussion drew attention to the absence of 13 Reasons Why from the roster of prevalent television programs that fail to appeal to everyone. They said the show is “overly dramatic and glamorizes mental illness and suicide.” They also felt that the show needed more focus and became a mess in the later seasons.

7. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Image Credit: ABC.

A user articulated their aversion to television shows that present a group of adolescents who exhibit an excessively sophisticated demeanor beyond their years, exemplifying Pretty Little Liars. They feel like watching a show about 30-year-olds in 15- to 18-year-old bodies. The difficulty lies in their inability to connect with the characters, and they perceive the show's depiction of teenagers as unrealistic, which causes them to lose interest.

8. Two Broke Girls (2011)

Image Credit: CBS.

The eighth person to chime in couldn't wrap their head around the hype surrounding the TV hit Two Broke Girls. They stated that they find it difficult to believe anyone could find the show funny, questioning how it was created and syndicated.

9. Grey's Anatomy (2005)

Image Credit: ABC.

Speaking their mind, one user claimed that Grey's Anatomy had overstayed its welcome, with the same old surgical routines and tired plot twists being recycled one too many times. The user finds it surprising that the show was on for 12 seasons or more and questions how it remained popular despite the monotony of its premise.

10. Batwoman (2019)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Amidst the flurry of comments, one viewer made it clear they were far from impressed with the CW's DC lineup, with Batwoman taking the brunt of their disappointment. They alleged that the writing in Batwoman is shoddy and offensive, deeming it the most unsatisfactory show they have ever viewed. They believe the show differs from the comics and the acting could be better. Despite this, they acknowledge that the show has its fan base and continues to air.

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